Lookin’ Back: Kai

Anyone remember Kai? They were an R&B group from the nineties similar in style to other acts like Boyz II Men and All-4-One. They were some of the first asians to get signed and actualy make an impact on the billboards, topping out at at #54 on the Hot 100 with their single “Say You’ll Stay”.

Although their minor success was short lived and none of their subsequent singles were able to chart. However, they were part (and perhaps partially the cause) of a huge influx of filipino american r&b artists to bubble up all over the west coast including other groups such as Devotion and Simplicity. In fact, the Kai name was attached to an assortment of filipino-american r&b songs despite the fact that many of those songs were not sung by Kai. Instead, their name became ubiqitous with the asian r&b scene on the west coast, further perpetuated by the misnamed MP3’s that spread on early file sharing utilities such as Napster and Kazaa.

The scene has since died down as r&b has drastically changed over the years and many of these groups (Kai included) have disbanded and moved on. Kai continues to live on in some form with two of the members going on to form a new group known as 6th Day.

We need to bring back some real r&b.

To read more visit: http://www.rnbhaven.com/artist.php?artistid=76

Here’s their single “Say You’ll Stay”


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