Two Cents: H7 – Recycled Ideas

The KPOP industry, like almost any other music industry, is all about duplicating success. If one type of act or group or genre begins to do well, suddenly the scene is filled with more of the same.

The past few years have seen the rise of talented albeit oversinging groups that are all about the vocal runs and emotional ballads. Brown Eyed Soul, MtoM, Monday Kiz, SG Wannabe, See Ya and so on have all popped onto the scene, singing their hearts out as if their life depended on it.

Also, the comeback of girl groups has become a huge thing as acts such as Wonder Girls and Jewelry have dominated the KPOP charts. SNSD, Kara, CSJH, Baby Vox Rev V, and others are all also in the quest to become the most beloved girl group.

So I can see how this new group camed to be. H7, a new all girl group had their debut a couple weeks ago and yet their seemed almost nothing new about them. It’s as if their management company thought, “Team, what if we took the success of See Ya and the outlandish popularity of Wonder Girls & SNSD and created a new group!?” “Bye Golly Mr. Kim, that’s genius!”.


It’s not to say they aren’t talented or worthy of a record deal. It’s just… do we really need a group of 7 girls standing around trying to outsing each other for 3 minutes?  Can’t they at least act like they are in the same group instead of looking like they are all competing on some bizarre reality TV Making of The Band type of show?

Anyways, the song isn’t bad. It’s similar to any other ballad released in the past 5 years. These girls are talented but do I see them fading into K-Pop obscurity as so many others before them? Yes. Yes I do. I could be wrong but I predict this is going to be a failed experiment that will quickly be forgotten among the likes of KARA, Cats and i-13.

What’s your take?

Note: Watch the chorus to see flailing arms, strained faces, and vocal runs aplenty.

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