Lookin’ Back: 2000 m.net Music Festival

This is a rare performance from 2000 featuring:
DJ James Jhig, DJ Wreckx, Gorilla Crew, Joosuc, Digiri of Honey Family, Gaeko of CB Mass/Dynamic Duo, Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, L.E.O of IIMC/Ill Skillz, Hur In Chang of X-Teen, Hoony Hoon, Uhm Jung Hwa, Yoon Hee Jung 3534, Typhoon, Lee Ha Neul, and Day-One

To my knowledge there has been no other performance like this since. Never again has so many korean hip-hop artists from different labels and affiliations come together to perform live. This was during a time when Hip-Hop was still relatively young.

Also, it’s inteteresting to see how under appreciated the genre was. No one in the audience was having fun except for As One. Also Uhm Jung Hwa was kind of pointless but oh well, she did no harm.

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