Spotlight: Manifest & Lyricks

We are launching a new feature of a-Tunes today entitled Spotlight. This is going to be where we focus on the artists you love  and dig a little deeper into who they are.

For our inaugural interview, we had the privilege to sit down with Hip-Hop artists Manifest & Lyricks and we covered a lot of different topics so make sure to check it out!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Be on the lookout for new material coming from the supernova/beautiful cycle camp in 2010!

A HUGE thank you to Manifest & Lyricks, support good music!

7 thoughts on “Spotlight: Manifest & Lyricks

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  2. Manifest!!! Lyricks!!!
    [miss you guys, it's been a minute since we last saw each other - keep up the good work]

    These guys are super talented!! I can’t say enough great things about them!!

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