Jennifer Chung x Legaci Collab Video Released!

Just as we reported the other day, Jennifer Chung & Legaci have shared their collab cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Legaci and as heard on the FOX show Glee. I’m not even tryna hype this up, they did an incredible job.

The song was one of the highlights of the show so far, and JC & Legaci have def done it justice. Their voices just blend so well together.

I’m loving this one! If you’re digging it too you can download the audio for free here.

Tim Be Told Offereing ‘Analyze’ Single as Free DL

Band Tim Be Told is offering the single ‘Analyze’ from their EP ‘From the Inside‘ as a free download. That EP is one of our highest rated albums on a-Tunes and we definitely recommend you get the single if you haven’t already.

Here’s what we had to say about the song in particular:

Analyze – Great instrumentation and use of strings. It’s a very strong song that manages to be both catchy and well written. Tim, the lead singer, really adds to the great sound, rounding out one of the best pop rock songs I’ve heard in a while.

If you’re interested, head on over to their website as it’s only available for a limited time!

Kristine Sa Announces Release of “Lonely Asylum: The Demo Collection”

[edit] It’s now available from Amazon MP3! [/edit]

Singer/Songwriter Kristine Sa has announced via her Xanga (wow, people still use it!) that she will be releasing a new demo/EP entitled “Lonely Asylum: The Demo Collection” via most of the major digital music retailers in the near future. Read on for the details:

It is a strange new way of doing things for me, this releasing music completely on my own and I quite enjoy it!  It feels so personal this way.  No companies backing me.  No band of management. It is literally from me… To you.  The album is a small collection of 6 original songs.  Many of which you’ve heard from Youtube.  A couple more are brand new and unheard.  I could’ve waited for 10 perfect songs but decided to just… let go.  It also includes ‘My Last Goodbye’ and ‘If It’s Over’ which have received so much love from you guys (thank you!)

I truly wish I could have done this before but I suppose it all happens for a reason.  I didn’t have the experience back then, nor did I have the resources.  Plus, in this day and age, the independent artist is much more supported by available systems and mediums.  I honestly thank those who have taught me over the years and have sacrificed their time to help me.

I don’t feel the nerves as I did before because this collection of songs doesn’t feel like a business move.  There is no pressure of suits losing money.  It’s simply myself and the songs I’ve written, with some very kind help from some fellow musicians:  Tony T. Nguyen played a huge part in helping me arrange these songs, as well as Dave Liang, Kingmin, & Gen Shimanuki.  It is my great honour to be have them grace these songs with their instrumentation.  They spoke the parts that I myself could not express.  I was also so lucky in having the help of my sister Tam Doan, my brother-in-law Tien Dung, and TDMEDIA / Tam Doan Entertaiment recording studio.  There would be nothing to hear if I didn’t have her incredible support and resources.  It was in that beautiful studio that I locked myself up to sing and record every one of these songs.  These songs were recorded and roughly mixed by myself.  I had no intention of having them professionally mastered simply because I felt like it was important that I shared the versions that came right out of the studio.  I realize it’s not ideal to a lot of schools of thought but for me, this project had a very important goal for my own self growth, as well as my genuine connection to my angelic fans/friends.

Thank you again to you for standing by me and supporting what I do.  The older I get, the more I’ve learned to appreciate you.  You really do keep me sane and I am not lonely because of it.  Thank you and I love you.

“Lonely Asylum : The Demo Collection” will be live on iTunes worldwide very soon, specifically and including the following online stores:  # iTunes U.S. # iTunes Australia/N.Z. # iTunes Canada # iTunes UK/European Union # iTunes Japan # iTunes Mexico  # Amazon MP3  # MySpace Music  # Rhapsody  # Napster  # eMusic  # IMVU  # Lala  # Shockhound  # Amie Street  # LimeWire Store  # Nokia .

You can hear a couple of the tracks that will be on the album after the jump!

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Dumbfoundead x Sam Ock Release ‘Different Galaxies’ MV & Single

Dumbfoundead has collab’d with Sam Ock to bring us a new song entitled ‘Different Galaxies’. Sam is smooth as always and dumb kills it on the track with his story telling skills. I never saw this team-up coming but I gotta admit it’s a pleasant surprise. To top it all off DJ Zo adds the finishing touch with his scratch cuts. But wait, there’s more! It’s also a free download so make sure you grab it while you can!

I recently did a collab with a talented young musician from Maryland named Sam Ock. He made the beat and sang on this joint. DJ Zo did the cuts. We put this video together from different sides of the coast. Enjoy! Based on a true story! hahaha

Lyrics after the jump!

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Chinx (of Drunken Fists) Releases A New Track To Celebrate the New Year

Need more new music to start off 2010? Well Chinx of the Drunken Fists collective has dropped a new track called ‘Celebration’ featuring Ke’eno. The vibe of the song fits the title perfectly and has a real fun swing to it. Hope everyone had a great new years!

From Twitter:


Source: ARW

Paul Dateh x Ken Belcher Cover ‘Clarity’ By John Mayer

Paul & Ken cover the song ‘Clarity’ by John Mayer and they definitely do it justice. I’m loving how they keep everything organic and acoustic, it makes the resulting song sound refreshing and authentic. Paul’s vocal stylings fit perfectly for this track and was a great choice of cover on the duo’s behalf.

JR Aquino Releases 2nd Single ‘Closure’ & Covers The Script

Similar to the unveiling of his 1st single from his upcoming album ‘Exposure’, JR Aquino is jointly releasing his 2nd single ‘Closure’ along side a cover; this time of the song ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script.

‘Closure’ is a different sound from his first single but its still a pretty good song. JR takes it in a pop rock ballad direction and so far his album is sounding extremely promising.

Lyrics after the jump!

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