Critic’s Corner: Marie Digby – Breathing Underwater

Marie Digby really gained a lot of attention through her acoustic cover of ‘Umbrella’ on Youtube back in 2007. Since that time she released an album in 2008, gotten numerous TV song placements, started modeling a little bit,  and even released some work in Japan (her mother is Japanese). With her sophomore US effort Breathing Underwater, Marie Digby is out to prove she belongs to stay and isn’t an artist riding out 15 minutes of internet fueled flame. Personally, I really enjoyed her debut album Unfold and was highly anticipating her new release. Originally slated to drop in the first half of 2009, it was pushed back to the fall, causing a long wait for her fans.

So was Breathing Underwater worth the wait? Let’s find out!

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Critic’s Corner: The Nehemiah Band – Break of Dawn

The Nehemiah Band is a relatively new band based out of sunny Southern California and has been steadily building a pretty strong buzz over the past couple years. Having only heard a few snippets of their music including their goofy but fun TV show medley, I was intrigued to check out their material when their first full length album Break of Dawn was released at the end of August last year. (Yes, I know I’m late, but get used to it cause the next bunch of reviews are all going to be from around the same time frame) Their style can kind of be summarized as a mixture of Jason Mraz, David Crowder Band, Matt Redman and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Additionally, their music is undoubtedly and whole heartedly inspired by and about the Christian faith. With that said I’m sure this will cause some of you to be more interested, and some of you less. Regardless of religious stance, they have proven to be a capable group of musicians but the question is can they make a good album?

I’ve had a good 4 months to listen to and digest the album and so without further ado I present you with the review.

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MyNinja! To Release Spring Acoustic Mixtape in March

That’s right folks. If you hear the Summer tape from 09, it was a fun collection of songs that most notably birthed the great single ‘The F.R.E.S.H.‘. But Peter Rocks and company is back at it again and are set to bring you an acoustic mixtape for Spring 2010 in March.

Check out the previews featuring Big Phony. (Dude is kinda awkward haha).

New Kollaboration 10 Promo Vid

This one’s more about inspiration more than anything else. Wish I could be there for the event!

Come to the 10th annual Kollaboration in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on March 6, 2010. Join Rex Navarrete, We Are Heroes, Abraham McDonald, Tony Rock, Pigeon John, Vudoo Soul, and many others.

The competition includes the very talented line-up of Bhangra Empire, Clara Chung, Sam Hart, Mike Isberto and Alfa, Paul Jisung Kim, Will Volume, and Jason Yang.

Freestyle Vocal and Freestyle Dance competitions with $500 prizes!

Afterparty with free beer, soju cocktails and plum wine all night!!