Alex Hwang Performs ‘Mr. Pretender’

The Inspire group brings us another video, this time of Alex Hwang performing ‘Mr. Pretender’. This is actually the first I’ve heard of Alex (besides his appearance in the CPAF ad) but I’m going to pay attention from now on. He’s got a great, unique style in both his singing and guitar playing. The song has some bluegrass country influences in it. It’s actually pretty cool. Check out his myspace for more music.

D-League x Oh Ginelle Release New Mixtape – Phone Sex

A couple days ago we posted up the new single from D-League featuring Oh Ginelle called ‘Plug it In’. It turns out the track is from their brand new mixtape released yesterday in conjunction with Oh Ginelle. The Florida based artists give a preview off many of the tracks on the mixtape.

It’s a free download from DatPiff and features a total of 17 tracks including a few skits. If you like this brand of hip-hop then support Demo and his group and grab it!

Hopie Spitshard Releases MV for ‘Yummy’

Hopie Spitshard has go a new MV out for her single ‘Yummy’ from album The Diamond Dame. The video takes the idea that if any one messes with Hopie, she’ll eat em up… literally. The concept is similar to dumbfoundead’s “Rapper O’s” video. You may find Hopie’s style similar to fellow bay area artist EyeASage, spitting with a raw hard hitting energy to funky west-coast beats.

The production on the video is pretty impressive, paying homage to a lot of 80′s themes. If you’re a 90′s kid then a lot of the references will likely go right over your head haha. But regardless the quality is real crisp and the effects are smooth and dynamic. Big ups to the video production team.

Source: ChannelAPA

JRA x MOVeMEDIA Productions Create ‘Exposure’ Promo Video

MOVeMEDIA Productions has created a pretty neat promo video for singer JR Aquino and his latest album ‘Exposure‘. They use some fun editing techniques and a borderline goofy/corny script as an excuse to preview some of the songs off the album. The video stars JRA along with the siblings Alexa and Scott Yoshimoto. Pick up the album if you haven’t already. Our review is on it’s way (some day, I promise).

Featuring music off of JRA’s new album EXPOSURE
1) “I Luv Myself”
2) Closure
3) Bittersweet