The Might Fifty Releases MV Trailer for Big Phony’s “Short Intermission”

Big Phony, who released Kicking Punching Bags earlier this year, has teamed up with frequent collaborator The Mighty Fifty for a music video to his single ‘Short Intermission’ off said album. TMF always does great work and it looks like they went all out on this one with a cast and various locations. It looks like it may be an emotional one so be prepared.

Coming soon a new music video for Big Phony’s Short Intermission from his new album “Kicking Punching Bags”!!

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Big Phony’s “Kicking Punching Bags” is available on iTunes!!! Please support Big Phony!!

Directed by Charles Yi
Written and Edited by Justin Fong
Director of Photography by Mark J. Sebastian

Chris Cantrell
Ella Martin

Special Thanks:
Daniel “DPD” Park
Jeena Yi

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