Shin-B Releases Music Sampler

Have you been looking to hear some new material from female MC Shin-B? Well she dropped a new sampler today on youtube where you can hear snippets of several tracks. The songs are ‘Stronger’, ‘The Cause’, ‘Homecoming’, and  ‘Race Card’. Each song has a different flavor and should give a fair indication of what’s to come. Though I have to admit I wasn’t feeling the tracks quite as much as her single ‘Get Up and Go‘.

Lyrics after the break.

1) Shin-B Intro ( Prayer in Korean )

2) Shin-B – “Stronger”

Hey you, it’s been a long time took time to reflect the mind now think I’m one of a kind took God to repair my life my sight is now on the prize I’m just thinkin I might help all of the pantomimes to break out and then to speak up tonight~

you might… attack me again you might… condemn me again but i will say this ain’t bringin me do~~wn

i have got to get over this you my Lord are my witness i have got to get over this uh bring it back uh

i have got to get over this you my lord are my witness aint bringin me down aint bringin me down aint bringin me down

3) Shin-B – “The Cause”

the word is a lasik, sight to our vision helps give steps to those bedridden lost in a jungle with no right direction the word is a compass that gives you the vision reach for the word when you seek for an answer lost in confusion, need responses it’s responsive with no hesitation questions get answered, solved in an instant prisons youre freed from, cuffs get untangled mangled from thoughts, hearts in confliction the demons are grabbing the angel’s assistance blocking the way to breakthrough to heaven this is the time i need you the most this is the time im shaken the most this is the time im fightin to fight just give me the strength to win da fight

4) Shin-B – “Homecoming”

got to got to got to find my way back home got to got to just get up on it

ladies n gentlemen, im the representative im your medicine, im the one who fillin it have you ever felt like you died have you ever fell from a high thats the feelin we, get when we’re feelin we better off dead so we feed the energy of a demon, so so appealin so so im feelin, ignore the reasons gist is, we dont think the logic we find a fault and run like a faucet topic: we often think nonsense find ways to keep it ongoin im goin goin gone gone im goin goin now now i just need, some sorta end some sorta closure, so goodbye yall

there comes a time youve been denied you find a fault and you feel deprived you feel alone you feel the lies and you feel its like time to say bye but just dont give up seek company from those who do love you, you and only you you, you and only you

5) Shin-B – “Race Card”

once again, ah once again, oh once again, ah once again, oh and i know and you know that race plays key

whats there to life, is this a known race? run for your life, the turtles get placed last in a race, where life is unfair unwilling to, give you, your fair share in this life, the hare will get first though he cheats, thats how it all works im fed up with the good, gettin struck with the bad a string of bad luck is stalkin their path try to pedal fast, forward for the top but you soon pedal back, cuz you cant get up im fed up with the way, results are told you work your whole life to not, move at all sulk in the shallow, waters of the world bask in the rays thats burnin your soul a glass ceiling prevents you to go up in a world where, class plays role

once again, ah
once again, oh

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