The Mighty Fifty Presents: April Chase – Time Won’t Tell

The Mighty Fifty is back with another video performance showcase. They brought in the quickly rising band April Chase to sing their song ‘Time Won’t Tell’ after meeting them at the F.A.M.E. event in San Jose a couple weeks back. It’s great to see a video production that matches the band’s talent. It’s a great acoustic track and I’ll be looking forward to hearing the final studio version as well. The singer really has a unique voice that has the right mixture of sweet and power. Well done.

During the F.A.M.E. event in San Jose, we crossed paths with an amazing group – April Chase. This immediately led to a shoot in our studio for a live recording of their brand new song, “Time Won’t Tell”:

Artist: April Chase
Song: Time Won’t Tell

Produced by The Mighty Fifty
Directed by Charles Yi
Director of Photography by Mark J. Sebastian
Sound Mixing by Roland Casiquin
Type by Paper and Type


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