Cathy Nguyen To Take a Break From Music

In what can ultimately only be described as bittersweet, it looks like Cathy Nguyen, whom many of you know as lilcdawg will be stepping away from music for a little while as she re-shifts her priorities upon hearing of her acceptance to a radiology tech program. She won’t be gone forever but she plans to devote more time to her studies which means there will be fewer Youtube videos, fewer performances, and fewer collabs in general (such as BLYSS). While we at a-Tunes are sad to know we’ll hear her voice less frequently we wholly support her for sticking to her values. She’s started a tumblr to keep you guys updated in the mean while. Best of luck Cathy!

You can read her full explanation of the situation after the break!

hii there everyone! :waves: =]

wow, my first tumblr entry.. how exciting!
[i apologize in advance for the format of this entry. i haven’t written anything like this since my xanga (online journal) days! haha]

so, i just wanted to start off this post by thanking all of you for all of your love, support, & prayers through these past couple of years. i’ve been overwhelming blessed & i wouldn’t be where i’m at now, if it weren’t for all of you. <3

let’s get right to it, shall we? i wanted to share some news & update you all with what’s been going on & what i have planned for the next few years. as many (or not many) of you know, i’ve been on a wait list for the radiologic technology program at mt. sac (community college in walnut, ca) for nearly 3 years. throughout the last 5 years, i was taking general ed courses, as well as taking pre-requisite classes to prepare for the program.. & eventually finishing them all within my 3rd year in college, obtaining 2 A.A. degrees.

while being on the wait list, i found myself taking on a true passion of mine.. music. i started posting up youtube videos & simply through word of mouth, friends & supporters (that’s you!) that spread the word, i was able to share my music & meet a bunch of talented people.. those of who i look up to, that continue to inspire me everyday & who i am extremely happy & proud to call my best friends. (thank you friends who have helped me throughout my musical journey, you know who you are.) i’ve been poured with an endless amount of love & support since i’ve started sharing my music & again, i never would have imagined being where i am today without the help of all of you.

so, back to the radiology business. last tuesday was when i attended an orientation for the program & received the news that i have been accepted into the program to start this summer! yes, finally! that’s extremely GREAT news to me because i’ve been at a standpoint for so long & i’m excited to finally be able to move on with my career! although, considering that the program will consist of a lot of work & time from my schedule, it saddens me to say that this will definitely affect my future with continuing on with music..

i’ve been anticipating & preparing for this moment for quite some time now.. & thankfully, everything is falling into place. so, in other words, what i’m trying to say is that i won’t be able to take time off to play live performances/events or even post up youtube videos as often, (not saying that my once every month or two is often, but you know what i mean!) but i promise i will try my best to incorporate music/performing somewhere, sometimes in my busy schedule. i only have a few shows left before i start my program on june 28th! my last live performance will be the last weekend of may or possibly beginning of june! i will definitely announce those shows as soon as i finalize everything, so hopefully i’ll be able to see you all before i jump off the face of the earth!

..but don’t fret because you’ll still be able to see me around……. sometimes. whether it be on youtube, or at school, or at my work. (that’s if you know where. ;] hehe) i made this tumblr also, so that i can update you all on things i can’t narrow down to 140 characters on twitter, so feel free to keep up with me here! i’ll try my best to keep this up-to-date & interesting for you guys.

til this day, i still can’t believe how much i’ve been able to accomplish.. knowing that i’ve got the most talented group of friends ever & the greatest bunch of supporters, words can’t describe how much i sincerely appreciate & love each & every one of you. i’ve had & have been a part of so many great opportunities along the way & frankly, you all have taken part of allowing me to live my dream of being able to share the gift i’ve been blessed with.. so from the bottom of heart, thank you.


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