David Choi Gets His Youtube Page Back

After the huge debacle that cause David Choi to have his Youtube music page temporarily suspended, he is now back in action. One of the publishing company has retracted their strikes against the wildly popular musician and as a result Youtube was legally allowed to re-instate his account. That’s great news and we’re glad to hear that everything was handled appropriately in the end.

Thank you to everyone who showed DC your support!

The Wonder Girls Post More Behind the Scenes Footage from MV Shoot for 2DT

It’s almost been a month since their MV dropped for their new single “2 Different Tears” but the Wonder Girls have shared more behind the sceens footage from the shoot set to the Korean version of the song. It looks like they had a lot of fun making the video and you get to see when they first meet comedian Bobby Kim who seems a little bit starstruck himself. As I’m sure you know, these girls are currently keeping busy on their North American tour.

Kina Grannis Robbed While on Tour

This is BS. The awesomely talented Kina Grannis was the victim of a having her car broken into last week, where a number of things were stolen, most notably her grandfather’s ukulele. That’s cruddy right there. It sucks that she had to lose some monetary possessions and merch but that instrument must be priceless to her. I’m sure the perp couldn’t have known but that does’t make him or her any less of a douche.

In the mean time be sure to support her and help her recoup some of her losses by picking up something from her store or by catching a show. We’ll be at her DC gig so be on the lookout for a recap of that in the coming weeks.

Why are these bastards picking on our singers?

Taiyo Na Interviews w/ ChannelAPA

The NY based musician and open mic staple Taiyo Na has got a new interview out with ChannelAPA. He shares how he’s been involved in music and the Asian American community since a young age, continuing the trend through adulthood by hosting open mics and hosting a local long running public channel TV show. He also talks about his single “Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother)” and working with Magnetic North and how they clicked from the beginning, resulting in the upcoming album Home:word.

Kato Drops New Single and Sets Mixtape Release Date

It’s been a few month’s since Kato dropped his last single, “Love” but he’s back with a new one entitled “Take You Away”. He continues to show his versatility and his production game is only getting stronger. It’s a dope track and I recommend you cop it at one of the following digital distributors: Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby.

Also, he’s announced the official release date of T.I.M.E. Vol II, so mark your calendars for June 18th! It’s slated to have 15 tracks of material and will be a free download. It’s less than two weeks away!

Mike-Dash-E x Armani DePaul Release MV for “Take it There”

Mike-Dash-E has got a new MV out featuring Armani DePaul for their song “Take it There”. It’s definitely got a top 40 sound and is reminiscent of a lot of songs heard on the radio the last couple years. I think the song is stronger than the video, which served its purpose and had clean edits but was completely unimaginative. Both rappers had pretty decent verses but the hook kinda got annoying after a while. They chose a great spot to shoot the video though.