J. Moy x Kin Smuv Release “On My Way” MV

Last week we showed you a  new single by J. Moy aka Chinx called “On My Way” featuring Kin Smuv on the hook. Today we’re showing you the new MV that just dropped for that single. The DSLR quality is crisp, but the lighting effects are overdone and a bit cheesy. It’s a simple video that is decently done but is still a little on dull side. Funny thing is, a couple years back this would have been fairly impressive, but others have really stepped up their video game leaving this one middle of the pack. It’s still a dope track though.

The song is available as a free DL.

2 thoughts on “J. Moy x Kin Smuv Release “On My Way” MV

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