Illmillion Drops New Single – “Dedication [This is For You]”

Illmillion gets his Drake on again, making use of the autotune for the entirety of his latest single – “Dedication [This is For You]”. Now I’ve said it before but I’m not crazy about the overuse of autotune but I will admit that Ill does a pretty decent job with it. That being said this won’t make my list of favorite tracks but it’s a decent listen. DL it here for free.

Lyrics after the break.

dear girl, ay ay,
i wrote this letter for you,
this letter for you,
this letter for you,

this is for you,
i know that you be listening babe,
i bet you love when i’m kissing yo face,
i’m holding yo body in my arms,
so baby don’t be alarmed,

i’ll show you what you’re missing,
girl i know we’re distant,
but it’s you i’m wishing for,
you don’t need to give in,
i want you to listen,
don’t know why i’m tripping for,

this is my dedication,
thought i would never say it,
it ain’t that complicated,
this, is, for you,
you’re who i’ve always wanted,
girl, i am truly honest,
no need to make a promise,
this, is, for you,

i hope that all these feelings ain’t alone,
& that you love when i’m texting yo phone,
i could never ever see us wrong,
that’s why i write these songs,
you’re special girl, don’t let somebody ask you why,
they should just look you in your eyes,
i don’t wanna find somebody else,
cuz nobody comes close to you,


for as long as i remember,
who my biggest crush was,
nothing would become us,
so i went & left her,
they would always ask me,
i would always say she,
made them all unhappy,
now i’m one to blame see,
took me long to realize,
she made me go crazy,
don’t think i could feel right,
if she’s not my lady,
ain’t about appearance,
even though she’s more cute,
so she needs to hear this,
nicole, this song is for you,


this, is, for you [x4]
for you,
listening babe,
kissing yo face,
in my arms.

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