Lil Crazed Features on Remix of Usher with Ahmir, Chilla Jones & Mr. Meredith

Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” and “Love In This Club” have been big hits from his latest album so it’s no wonder Ahmir, Chilla Jones & Mr. Meredith chose to remix the track. But also joining the mix is Lil Crazed. Overall it’s a pretty fun remix and even with such a crowded line up, Crazed held his own. You can DL their rendition for free here.

Lyrics after the break.

Let it bump, let it bump,
Turn me up loud, get it crunk, get it crunk,
Shorty in the crowd got junk in her trunk,
And her rump reminds me of the klumps when it jump,
High heel pumps, and her dress, tight,
36D what her breast, like,
Perfect, everything just, right,
Baby let’s dance for the rest of the night,
Limo outside, stretch, white,
Let’s get away, we on the next flight,
(Whatchu want), Bermuda, St. Thomas,
Aruba, the bahamas,
I want this I’m bein honest,
Girl why not tomorrow aint promised,
And there’s so much more that beyond this,
You know the place you belong is, (with me)

(Mr. Meredith)
its 12:00 when i arrive,
the party scene was kinda live,
let me let yar in on just how me and shawty kinda vibed,
i picked up all the tabs for every drink that she would try to buy,
to me she seemed real kinda fly,
and she aint leap from to guy,
i make sure that my pulse is pacing,
luv in the air,
no altercation,
everything pg
no fornication,
im on the dance floor,
no coordination,
but for that one moment we forever touched,
u 2 get a room is what they telling us,
and they said u only get to go to heaven once,
u woulda swore that it was the 14th day of the 2nd month,
we forgot we bought our posses in,
we were both young and just we party in,
dj was playing that hot ish man,
and she done fell in luv wit the yahtzee man

(Lil Crazed)
club going crazy, got me acting, wanna be nuts,
playing my JAM, got me dancing with my PEANUT,
but her (butter), moves, made eyes narrow,
this joint on point, like cupid’s arrow,
cuz i’m falling in love again,
and she knows that, so she rubs it in,
stay fresh like prince, maybe dance like Carl,
dancing like 2012 is tomorrow,
ha, u know i’m playing tho,
u know the saying goes, it takes 2 to tango
and babygirl it truly does,
it aint hard to do when i got you to love,
cuz usually, i aint the type to dance,
just pick up my pants, lean back a bit,
but tonight, i’m taking the chance,
i feel romance, lets dance to this

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