New Original from AJ Rafael – “Red Roses”

Here’s a light hearted new tune from AJ Rafael, who reportedly wrote this in the car on the way home from UCLA. It has his trademark sound and charm but definitely could use some fleshing out in the studio. Anyway, check out the Valentine inspired tune below. Who knows, maybe this will be the next tune turned MV like his recently released “We Could Happen“.

There you are With your light brown hair Apologize cuz all that I did was stare And no im not a creeper I swear that im a keeper Im just glad you noticed that I was there

I got your name but I didn’t get your number So now im filled with all this regret and wonder Would you wanna see me And would you wanna kiss me Im getting way ahead of myself But I cant get you off of my mind No I cant

I wish I woulda asked you out I wish I didn’t have these doubts about myself For those 3 minutes that you stood in front of me I wish I hadn’t walked away I wish I had the guts to say Would you be my I wish I woulda asked you to be my valentine

So I had one more chance to gather my thoughts and just spit it out but now I’ve missed the moment so now I’d never know if you’d say yes to the question I ask

so now Im here without you im crushed cuz I got these roses these red roses and god knows that I’d have given them to you But I cant get you off my mind

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