Priscilla Ahn Sings a “Song for Japan”

Priscilla Ahn is yet another amazing artist to use her art to support the struggling nation of Japan. This one is tentatively titled a “Song for Japan” and features Priscilla on the guitar and harmonica. She started this song years ago but just now finished it in light of all that has happened. It’s a gentle tune of hope and strength, one that I hope only encourages everyone to help out in any way they can. If you’re looking for ways to contribute, check out this article on various avenues to use for the cause.

Critic’s Corner: Jane Lui – Goodnight Company

To say Jane Lui is a gem of creativity in a music scene saturated with sound-a-likes is an understatement. That’s why we were extremely excited to check out her latest body of work – Goodnight Company. Lui chose to forego the traditional marketing & busines models with this release, opting to distribute the album for free via digital download and concurrently sell physical copies that include a bonus DVD. This release was more about getting her music into as many ipods and hands as possible rather than trying to rake in profit. So the question remains whether Goodnight Company is collection of quick freebies or a quality piece of work; and that’s what we aim to find out.

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New AM Kidd Single – “Never Say Goodnight”

AM Kidd continues his brand of genre-blending music with this latest single called “Never Say Goodnight”. It’s due out on iTunes in a couple days – March 19th. There’s a heavy electronic influence on this one, making it one of his catchier tunes. It’s interesting to see him effortlessly go from unplugged, piano-driven raps to dance-centric electro-hop. Not too many artists can make such a drastic jump. Listen to it below and cop it come Saturday if you’re feeling it!

IZ Releases MV for “Moment 4 Life” Remix

After getting out, IZ seems to be going full speed on his grind. The 454 Life artst just dropped a music video for his remix of Nicki Minaj’s big radio hit “Moment 4 Life”. It’s just a one verse track similar to what we saw from Thai the other day, but he sounds more determined than ever. Visuals are clean and simple and appreciated when compared to all static image mixtape drops on Youtube.

Meg & Dia Interview w/ HalfKorean

Our friends at HalfKorean have another thorough interview out, this time with the sister duo Meg & Dia. For the uninitiated, they were once signed to Warner Brothers but last year branched out on their own and never looked back. There’s a lot of good dialog in this post about their upbringing in Utah, cultural/life/music business lessons learned, and what is on the horizon. If you got some time this is a recommended read. Catch the interview in full over at HalfKorean or after the break!

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Jason Yang x Mike Song Present the “Violin Boogie”

Personally I love it when musicians mash up genres and art forms to create something fresh. Check this quick clip from violinist Jason Yang & dancer Mike Song where they take a sample of Busta’s “I’ll Hurt You” and inject a bit  of their own unique flavor. I just wish the clip was longer than a minute. It’d be dope if they ever completely flesh this out into a full routine, but I guess we’ll have to make do with this for now.

Dan aka Dan x Krystle Cruz Cover Jessie J’s “Price Tag”

One of the biggest songs right now is Jessie J’s “Price Tag”, so you can be sure there are a TON of Youtube covers out there right now. This is one of the better ones brought to you by afterschoolspecial‘s Dan aka Dan and Krystle Cruz. The SD natives do a great acoustic rendition and it seems like Dan has started to smooth out his flow a little bit in contrast to his rock/rap roots. It’s a chill, calm cover that I can appreciate.