Jane Lui Releases Live Performance of “Goodnight Company”

For those of you who may wonder what Jane Lui may sound like live, here’s a little clip that will show you it may not be exactly what you’d expect. Her creative energies aren’t confined to the studio as she’s prone to think outside the box on stage too. In this footage she performs “Goodnight Company” with her band using not only your traditional instruments but some boom whackers as well. Don’t miss out on this clip!

Free download of newest album at http://JANELUI.com
this is how we play this song live, and why i LOVE my band! those are called Boomwhackers!
Recorded at our first time playing this: Oct 10, 2010 at Lestats, San Diego. Filmed by the great Dan Baker.

Guitar: James Ritts (dweeb)
Bass: Greg Friedman (geek)
Drums: Paul Van de Riet (dork)
Keyboard: Bobby Cressey (nerd)
vocals/keys: Jane Lui (freak)


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