[Album Release] AJ Rafael – Red Roses

This is one of those instances where I can honestly proclaim “it’s about time”. AJ Rafael, a singer/songwriter with a huge following thanks to Youtube is just now dropping his first official full length album – Red Roses. The release includes songs like “Emma Watson”, “We Could Happen”, “She Was Mine”, “When We Say” and more along with features from Jesse Barrera (the executive producer), Tori Kelly and Andrew De Torres. The LP is available via iTunes, Amazon (in both physical/digital formats), Best Buy, Target & more so pick it up today!

  1.  Here, Tonight (Intro)
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Red Roses
  4. We Could Happen
  5. Without You
  6. Mess We’ve Made (feat. Tori Kelly) (Live)
  7. Five-Hundred Days
  8. She Was Mine (feat. Jesse Barrera)
  9. When We Say (feat. Andrew De Torres) (Acoustic)
  10. Starlit Nights
  11. Here All Alone Pt. 3

Hear a preview after the break!

9 thoughts on “[Album Release] AJ Rafael – Red Roses

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