[New Song] Mondega – “All I Got Is Myself”

If you’re looking for the newest Mondega music, look no further. Here’s his latest joint – “All I Got Is Myself”, another soulful, introspective track from the veteran rapper (and self produced as well!).  One of Mon’s greatest strengths is creating genuine music that allows you to relate to the feel of the track, even if you haven’t gone through the same experiences. Lyrics after the break!

they ask me if i’m lao, ya girl think that i’m thai i’m cool with filipinos, and my girlfriend is khmai they say i’m vietnamese, i’m all of the above i’m montagnard dega, everybody show me love i know i speak jarai, i just happened to rap they tell me that it’s wrong and that it’s meant for blacks why the fuck are we racist? i figured we know better after leaving our homeland cause they killed us for our color brother, i ain’t put you on the spotlight i just wanna see my baby ride it all night and if i’m wrong for saying shit like that, then fuck all of ya’ll i’m in america, making money and fucking broads see i don’t plan it, it just happen, i just roll along and sometimes i fall in love knowing she ain’t the one but i risk it all knowing that nobody is perfect she broke my heart and made me stronger, and it was worth it

and further more, i’m just hustler on the microphone a freedom fighter who just wanna make his people known they say alot of things about me but i don’t care cause in the end all i got is myself all i got is myself

see i don’t know it all, but i know my heart is right i value what you live for, we just set a different price i’m out here doing shows, double checking all my flights but i rather be home eating chicken with some rice simple life, funny how we want it all, but in reality we find happiness with the one who lay beside us despite all the pain that seem to rain on my parade i feel like i’m a king when she’s screaming my name then it’s back to the hustle, begging you to buy a cd and sometimes i feel homeless, but i don’t want your pity dedicated my life to making music for the people so when my time is up, i’ll kiss my children through a speaker i may be not be the greatest, but at least i know i tried at least i found my love in a musical disguise if the devil take my soul, then at least he knew my worth but who am i to judge, i ain’t ask to be on earth

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