[Single Release] GT x Johnnyphlo x J. Han x Jae Jin – “Speaking Up”

Our very own GT has taken off the blogger hat for just a moment and returned to his roots to drop a new single about faith called “Speaking Up”. The song features three other gentleman that you may know by the name of Johnnyphlo, J. Han (of AMP fame), with singer Jae Jin contributing the chorus. Interestingly enough, the song was reportedly completed some time ago and is just now seeing the light of day. This song is from a mixtape called GT & Friends that should drop later this year. And for those paying attention, the four remixed Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s 2007 song “I Tried” which is why it may sound familiar. Support Mr. GT & crew and download the song now for free from bandcamp!

Lastly, here are the lyrics!!

Yo I’m here to talk alone ’cause I want an honest moment
‘Cause I’m tryna skip the acts.. like goin from John to Romans
God, I know I lost my focus, and I’ve broken promises
Forgot all the motives had as a hopeful college kid
A few bad experiences backed me off the church route
Used to be on fire for You but I gradually just burnt out
Became luke warm, like the disciple with a fever
Started talkin to Ya less, livin life like I didnt need Ya
‘Cause I knew if I followed You, I would have to discern
Between what Ya want me to do and what I thought I deserved
So I’ll give Ya more in tithe but I’m holding back my heart
Though I need You in my life, I don’t know where to start
After growing worlds apart I’ve learned a lot, thats for sure
Like life without You may be easier, not happier
All these years that I’ve wasted, God I wish I could take it back
Since You are the truth its time I look & face the facts

수많은 거짓들과 잘못된 버릇을 다
버리지 못해 어느새 당신과 멀어진 나
그 모든 것이 쓸모없다는걸 아는데
평소엔 이성적이고 똑똑한 나인데
맘으론 알면서도 보이진 못해
머리론 알면서도 느끼진 못해
1분 1초도 내겐 너무 바빠
잘못을 알아도 고칠 틈이 없네
난 나를 알아,
고칠점을 알면서 그냥 살아
독인줄 알면서 먹는 열매가 내게는 너무나 달아
나도 내가 왜 이러는지는 모르겠어
지금을 살기 위해 내 믿음이 목을 맸어
멀리 보는 눈이 멀어, 바로 앞만 보고 걸어
이 더러운 세상을 걸어가며 내 혼은 발을 저러
이 무거운 짐들을 들고 어디까지 갈까
짐에 가려진 내가 등 진 그곳은 너무도 밝다

J. Han:
Dear Lord, First of all I gotta thank You,
cause You are Sovereign, Righteous, and always Faithful.
Anytime I let the flesh win, the guilt sets in.
But I know those feelings are from satan, not from heaven.
Even through the conviction and the correction
You stood next to me, – whispering the plans of Your direction.
No matter how much I try to guard my heart-
You still see the beauty in me like the Taj Mahal.
I know I am a sinner, You take me as I am.
I’m in need of Grace like Kelly, I’m a wretched man.
You gave me victory over all things that hinder me.
Shaping and refining me – to become – who I’m supposed to be.
I speak Hebrews 12 verses 7 to 11
-to all the brothers who endeavor to be set free.
I plead the blood of freedom over all of us
Because Jesus took the cross so we could live victorious.

Jae Jin(Hook/Chorus):
Though I often turn away, Your mercy brings me back to You
You hold my sin and take my shame and I just wanna say…
Though I often turn away, Your mercy brings me back to You
Got nothing else to offer You but still I want to say…

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