Showdown: Cilla Chan vs Oak & Gorski

I think the time is right for another edition of Showdown, where we have a little friendly comparison of artists that cover the same songs and vote for the one we think pulled it off better. Today’s match features the refreshing young college student Cilla Chan pitted against the veteran ‘cello-rock’ duo, Oak & Gorski. They each give their rendition of “Pumped Up Kicks” by indie-pop band, Foster the People. Let’s see how the two versions stack up against each other.

Cilla Chan

Oak & Gorski

Cilla’s vocal gives an almost R&B/Pop vibe to it with some more vocal flair. On the other hand Oak & Gorski provides a more polished but subdued final product, anchored by Ken Oak’s signature cello. It’s a little tough to make the call on this one but either way it was a refreshing competition because they didn’t cover one of the many over-saturated top 40 hits that everyone seems to be doing lately (*cough*Lighters*cough*How to Love*cough). Cast your vote for your favorite below!


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