Passport: Ailee Destroys the Competition on Korean Music Show

Oof. I’m sure you knew Ailee could sing but have you ever seen her do it on a national television program that was broadcast to millions? Because that’s exactly what happened on a South Korean TV segment called ‘Singer & Trainee’ where she teamed up with veteran R&B singer Wheesung – whom even he was out-sung by her to be quite frank. In fact, she quickly became one of the top searches in Korean search engines after the show aired. Think ‘Singer & Trainee’ as something vaguely similar to the premise of NBC’s The Voice. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the girl! We were happy to know she was making moves over there, now we’re elated to hear and see it too.

Source: AKP

[edit] We’ve got another clip from the show, this time of Ailee singing Halo… and making it look too easy!

8 thoughts on “Passport: Ailee Destroys the Competition on Korean Music Show

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