Hopie Spitshard Drops Some ‘Raw Gems’ – New Album

The ever-so hard working Hopie Spitshard has a new LP out entitled Raw Gems. Topping out at 13 tracks, you can find a number of notable features on there including Jayne Rio, Del, Psalm One and more. There a couple recognizable songs on there like “Trunk” and “Space Case” but otherwise you’ll find an entire entree of new material. Check below for buying options and after the break for the tracklist.

Purchase: iTunes, Amazon

1. Say Goodbye (feat. Jayne Rio)
2. 1Life 2Live [Explicit]
3. It’s Beautiful (feat. LuckyIAm)
4. Space Case (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien & Knickerboc)
5. Knock (feat. Murs)
6. No Chase
7. Like Love
8. String Em Up (feat. Moe Green)
9. I Won’t Hurt You
10. Fables
11. Dress Comfortable
12. Trunk (Bonus Track)
13. Retarded (Bonus Track)

4 thoughts on “Hopie Spitshard Drops Some ‘Raw Gems’ – New Album

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