Pmac Makes a “Comeback” MV

This is the latest music video from the kid Pmac for his track “Comeback” – an extended one verse track that P spits with conviction. He chose to go a conceptual route with the video though I can’t say it was a home run. I actually found it to be a bit random and underdeveloped – he could have really expanded upon the idea. Check out his quick explanation and lyrics below.

The blindfold represents music being an art for the ears, not for the eyes. People are quick to judge musicians based of their looks instead of their sounds. That’s basically what the song represents too.

Allow me to re introduce myself My name is pmac, no space dash or period Don’t mistake it because I’m tired of it I started off at the bottom of the pyramid Then took my life by the stering wheel and started steering it Up victory lane boy Yeah I’m untouchable this ain’t gameboy DS Oh I sound black? But how do you hear a color? Think before you speak you ignorant motherfucker Ain’t no one in the music biz tell me what to do So I learned how to engineer rap and produce By myself Living the fast life At parties where they smoke that type of shit to get you higher than the gas price And it seems like we never learn the lesson Cause plays want the bitches and the bitches want attention Pussy means power so they use it as a weapon And when she wanna bang you think you died and went to heaven My dream stays the biggest thing that I invest in Addicted to the glory I might need an intervention On some Charlie sheen shit, I’m winning and I mean it If you ain’t with it, Suck a dick and lick it clean bitch Duh, Get away with all that weak shit And I wasn’t fuckin with you in the least bit Cause most of y’all just wanna take my ideas So I’m careful of the people that I choose to share the dream with I started off at the end of the list But now I got you bitches shook like the end of a piss And not everything will end up a hit You take the work and the skill and you end up with this Cause if this don’t work, well I don’t give a damn Still walk around the city like the mafuckin man I’m in the game entirely 2011 it’s the comeback, finally

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