J. Reyez Leaks “Everything” off the Broken HeArt Mixtape

With the release of his Broken HeArt mixtape approaching, J. Reyez has decided to leak a song off the project called “Everything”. His alcohol influenced, introspective rap is stronger than some of his other tracks – a trend I’ve been noticing from the Canadian rapper where his emotional songs are better than his lighter fare. Go ahead and DL the song for yourself, it’s free.

Lyrics: (verse 1) It’s so peaceful when nobody’s around me Working on my flow but this pressure’s gonna drown me Down deep to the bottom, darkness surrounds me Thinking of the day the coroner pronounce me I got all this stress built up inside My thoughts of my wrongs, my guilt and my pride Need to go for a cruise, got the pills for the ride Am I feeling depressed? What’s real? What’s a lie? I know I ain’t perfect the way that you see me I could be doing better and I would, please believe me So I drink it back, rum on the rocks Ignore your ignorance, fuck what you thought I just wanna talk and I think that you are beautiful The girls that I meet now, think I’m into groupie hoes You don’t know me so don’t judge me like you would know Feeling intoxicated and it’s moving slow

(chorus) I do this for myself, fuck everything I don’t need nobody’s help, fuck everything I’m all alone with this drink, fuck everything I’m in my zone and I’m thinking fuck everything

(verse 2) Took another shot down, I’m feeling lightheaded Running short on cash, do you take credit? It’s getting hot in here shit but I ain’t sweating Feeling faded and it took about 8 seconds Yeah I count it down, time you don’t get back Thinking what to do, getting rid of all the set backs And I know that this ain’t one of my best raps In my own zone so you suckas better step back I wanna feed the fam, staying underground’s a bitch Another round shit, put it on this damn visa Why do I dislike the people I’m surrounded with ‘Cause I don’t belong in a circle fulla fucking divas Some of my colleagues don’t acknowledge me So I’m guessing I’m the underdog And this anger inside keeps calling me Fuck everybody, talk about that in a fucking blog

Fuck everything

(verse 3) I’m doing good and I didn’t get a headstart All I wanted was the world to accept me It’s hard to tell nowadays who your friends are ‘Cause all of my old friends went against me Fuck friends, gotta fam, did that shit confuse you? Saying I never represent? I used to Haters gonna hate and whatever they be claiming Shouts to Steel City but that doesn’t even change shit Walked away from the past, tied up the loose ends Nu-Lite family, I don’t call em new friends Shout to D, you held me down the past few years Now we traveling the world, thinking what to do here Traveling the fucking world, how great is that? Saying fuck the past and I don’t take it back If you’re my ex girl, fuck you too bitch I’m doing better, this is good enough to prove it

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