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Producer TOKiMONSTA has an ambitious visual project in the works and is looking to her community and network of fans to help bring the concept to fruition. TOKi is looking to craft an ethereal, visual piece to set to her music that tells an eccentric story of dreams and creativity.

When a female Dream Maker (played by Tokimonsta), whose job is to manage the playlist of a sleeper’s dreams (Gavin-the Singer), accidentally mixes one dream into another, she surprises Gavin into a remixed dream she never knew was possible. When Gavin awakens from her dream, we discover that Tokimonsta has already begun to remix her entire library of dreams together to play all at once.

Interested in learning how w you can help? You can find out more about the project by reading additional details after the break and contribute to the project via her kickstarter page! Can’t wait to see this one completed!


– Raise $3,000
– Capture the characteristic of Tokimonsta’s music while shining a new light on how music videos are approached.


This project is a music video for an up and coming artist known as Tokimonsta. We want to capture the characteristic of her music while shining a new light on how music videos are approached. This music video will take people deep into their mind to the spatial and unfocused realm where they can catch things they may not understand when they’re too hyper-aware.


This project is comprised of 14 designers currently attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. We’re a transdisciplinary combination of 6 different majors (Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising, Product Design, Broadcast Cinema, Environmental Design & Fine Art) bringing together our skills to create something amazing. Approaching this project with a designer mind meshing live-action and CGI. This project will be entirely done by students; everything from concept, design, production to vfx compositing.
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