Worst Ever: Forever 21 Plagiarizes David Choi’s Lyrics

You’ll have to grant us a late pass for this one, but we still found it worth sharing. Audrey Mag broke the news that Forever 21 had printed lyrics from David Choi‘s song, “That Girl“, onto some of their apparel without authorization or even credit. Choi had the following comment for AM:

“I’m disappointed that Forever 21 [because I felt] like they didn’t have to ask permission to use my lyrics in their commercial product, but I’m also flattered at the same time”

I can certainly understand his mixed reaction but in the end I still view this as a huge gaffe on Forever 21’s behalf – and deem it a shame that David was both disrespected and short-changed by the company. That’s not to say this is the first time this type of situation has happened to the Youtube star, as he’s found his music being used without proper licensing in several TV programs that aired in South Korea.

Now, let me go ahead and say I have no idea if the situation has been rectified or whether or not the merchandise is still for available for sale – but at the end of the day someone at the clothing chain dropped the ball, regardless of intention. Not only were they profiting of his work, but they didn’t even give him the credit he deserves as the author of those words. The use of his work is kind of a back-handed compliment; recognition without proper compensation.

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