Two Cents: GT’s Top 10 MVs from 2011 (and 10 Honorable Mentions)

Here are the best of the rest. The following are in no particular order and although they didn’t quite make my top 10 cut, I still thought they were worth re-sharing with you all because they still stood out from the many other music videos that have dropped in in 2011.

Lyrics Born – “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” ft Sam Sparro
Retro, stylistic visuals combined with a funky, fun song… what’s not to like?

3Strykes – “Beethoven” ft Surrilla
Great production values + colorful, creative touches make for a novel Hip-Hop video.

Shin-B – “Get Up & Go”
Whether this stands the test of time is yet to be seen, but exploring the use of QR codes via Hip-Hop is too interesting not to mention.

Mayda – “My Circuitry”
Quirky, fun, and different describe this rock video, helping to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

Paul Kim – “You Left Me For That”
Smooth direction, fun cameos, and a sweet story set to infectious R&B/Pop proves to be a winning formula.

Hopie Spitshard – “Be a Lady”
It’s Betty Draper meets Hip-Hop, and though it ain’t perfect it’s a far more entertaining watch compared to many other rap videos.

Misfit – “No Good”
Another very well-polished visual that matches the songs tone and style perfectly. Can’t complain.

PaperDoll – “You Can’t Stop It”
If the artists have fun, often we do too – and this video is undeniably fun. Rock, popping, and belly dancing? It somehow works!

Jennifer Chung – “One Day”
A relatable and touching story arc combined with strong visual quality and set to a great Pop song is always appreciated.

Gowe – “Star In My Eyes” ft Erin Kim
Catchy Hip-Hop at it’s finest. This is a fun video with dancing, sharp post-production, and an infectious tune – loved it.

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