Just ‘Cause: Kids React to K-Pop

I caught this over at Angry Asian Man, and I have to say it’s kind of hilarious. Some of the comments are a big ignorant but some of the kids are actually deceptively insightful. As K-Pop continues to make inroads into the US market and gain international fanfare, it’ll be interesting to see how they will fare with the rest of the uninitiated. With Se7en, BoA, the Wonder Girls, Girls Generation having already made the jump, and with more on the way, do you think they will be able to gain any traction. It’s tough to say based on this small sample group… but kids do say the darnedest, and occasionally most jacked up things. Here are some of the gems of quotes you can look forward to.

  • “They all look the same”
  • “It’s official, they’re copying Lady Gaga”
  • “They look kinda good”
  • “Who comes up with these names?”
  • “This is like Rebecca Black times ten!”

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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