The Freshmen: Boombox Saints – “Late Night Creep”

Perhaps this would be an opportune time for our first Freshmen feature of 2012. This is where we spotlight artists who haven’t quite developed a following yet, and are still working on establishing themselves. Remember it’s important that you, the readers, vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on these posts because this will help us decide which of these artists can graduate from The Freshmen and be a part of the regular rotation of a-Tunes Music News.

Boombox Saints are a collection of artists from our neighbors up north, Canada. They’ve got a few independent EPs under their belt, but plan to release their debut full length sometime this year – I believe in the coming months. The group has been pushing their single, “Late Night Creep”, in promotion of their latest release, Bringin’ the Boom Back. Although they are still building a following and name for themselves, they seem to have a lot more polish than some of their contemporaries in a similar position. Could they big one of the next big acts to blow up with their classic Hip-Hop style? Or will they remain under the radar, catering to a small, niche, underground following?

We don’t have that answer but we’d like to get your opinion on the matter. Vote thumbs up if you’re feeling ‘em. Thumbs down if it’s on to the next one. With enough thumbs up, you can earn them a spot in our news rotation, giving you at least one more place to help keep up on the group’s activities.

Chorus: Used to be down for the late night creep Now tell me what happened to my late night freak Now there’s all this talk about you being with me So tell me what does down low mean to you? Cause if I’m hearing that they hearing, it’s true That you be telling people all the things we do Come on shorty you know that ain’t cool Now tell me, what happened to my late night creep

1st Verse: 2:45 in the morning And I’m feeling kinda lonely And the only one I’m thinkin bout it is you So you, you I be calling

604 305 3039 (You can call me late night, you can call me any time and when you come by We can do the Freeky things you like) Pick up the phone please pick up the phone Cause I don’t wanna be all alone.. no

There’s gotta be something wrong cause usually you’d be at my door. Oh Maybe it’s the things you said, maybe it’s the things I did. Oh Maybe it’s the way we act, either way baby where you at?? I need to know.


2nd Verse I’m spending the night, drinking it up Bit of a buzz but I’m nice Henny and Hypno what I go sip on Swirl in my glass with some ice I’m feeling enticed from female Who gotta be up in my scene With legs like lines or ice I gotta go see in between My visions a little blurry Still I’m stepping to shorty I gotta go do this for myself Cause aint nobody gon’ do it for me Confident my swagger soaring gentleman game according But I’m seeing 2 or maybe 3, champion mode like Jordan The club be closing at 3 I’m checkin the time it’s 2 and a half For all you math majors, that’d be 30 to chit chat In addition to all that I’d be sweeping her by the bar Call it a cheap move or magical touch abracadabra Switching scenes from the club to the car to crib From the kitchen to the couch to the mattress oh sssh Couldn’t help but notice I’m rubbing her down with lotion Indecent creepin’ pleasing in the evening here I go in, I go in

(Chorus 2x)

Creep, creep, creep
What happened to my late night creep

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