Lookin’ Back: One Vo1ce – “When You Think About Me” (1999)

What were you doing in 1999? If you were the ladies of One Vo1ce, you would have been busy promoting a debut album, Just the Beginning and it’s accompanying single – “When You Think About Me”, a mild hit. Back when R&B girl groups were the craze, it was unique to see a crew of Filipino-Americans from Vallejo, California mixed in with the bunch. A couple years back they re-united to make a come back, but they’ve been relatively quiet – as I’m sure each member has moved with their individual lives, making recording and promotions challenging. It’s just weird to think that this song dropped 12 years ago.

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Girls Generation Reportedly Scheduled to Appear on Live! with Kelly & the Late Show with David Letterman

Well I’ll be. It would seem that the WGs aren’t the only Korean import girl group to start making a promotional push on national television here in the states. Reports have been coming in that the cheer-leading squad Pop group, Girls Generation aka 소녀시대 aka SNSD aka how-many-of-them-are-there? are scheduled to appear on two national television talk shows, Live! with Kelly and the Late Show with David Letterman. An interesting approach, considering they are tackling both daytime and late night TV. It remains to see how they will be fare, likely with their Teddy Riley produced single, “The Boys“.

You can read more about it over at AJ.

See the Trailer for The Wonder Girls TeenNick TV Movie

The Wonder Girls and TeenNick have brought out a new trailer for their upcoming, self-titled TV movie (the one that they launched “the DJ is Mine” for). On one hand, I’m happy the ladies are getting some much needed exposure, on the other hand I really hope the movie isn’t quite as awkward as the trailer dialogue would lead us to believe. But maybe I’m just a jaded old man that’s out of touch with today’s youngsters. Whipper-snappers.

There’s even more awkward goodness over at the TeenNick site.

Get a Sneak Peek at the MV for “You” by Eunice Kiss

Remember back in November of 2011 when Eunice Kiss dropped a song called “You“? Well, perhaps this will help refresh your memory. The singer is ramping up to give the song a more proper promotion with the release of a music video. Unfortunately, no concrete release date was given, other than the ambiguous promise of “soon”. Take a glimpse at the trailer below.

Inch Chua Shares “Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire”

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Inch Chua, but the dry spell ends with the upload of this Youtube video for “Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire”. Although she didn’t write the tune herself, it was given to her and based on this promising stripped rendition, I’d like to hear a final studio cut. You can find a little more back story and lyrics after the break.

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Traphik Jumps on the “Gas Money” Remix by Destorm, DeshawnRaw, and StevenJo

Deshawn Raw had a Youtube hit last spring with his single “Gas Money”. And now, Traphik jumped on the remix along with a couple of other artists like Destorm and StevenJo and of course DeshawnRaw. Watch as the crew travels around California, rapping about their low petrol woes. It’s a decent novelty single, though time will tell whether it has replay value.