Lyricks Features for G2 on “It’s My Thing”

Lyricks decided to take things in a multi-lingual route with this new collab with Korean-speaking G2.  They each take two verses a piece with G taking providing the bi-lingual raps on a track called “It’s My Thing” – with a music video to boot. The video is a mildly entertaining watch, though the song itself is the stronger of the two mediums.

Check Out a Snippet of Joseph Vincent’s New Song – “S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)”

In Valentine’s related news, with the Hallmark holiday quickly approaching it’s only appropriate that songs start to appear focused on the event. But the latest from Joseph Vincent isn’t exactly the expected, lovey-dovey track you’d think it to be. This one is called “S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)”, with an official music video coming out in the next week or so. He also revealed the title to his upcoming debut album, Blue Skies. Stay with us for continued coverage on Mr. Vincent.

Mark Agustin Shares a “Cup of Tea (Lovely Lovely)”

Raspy voiced Mark Agustin has a new song out, “Cup of Tea (Lovely Lovely)”, that is not from his recent Pride & Shame project. The track uses an unorthodox voice-over sample that gets a bit repetitive by the end of the song, and places it over his signature anthem-style production. Can’t say I’m in love with the track, maybe it’ll grow on me. We’ll see how the music video fares once it drops, which is reportedly in the works.

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Girls’ Generation Performs on David Letterman & Live! With Kelly

As we reported earlier about the group being on the show, rumors and many fancams were confirmed as the nine girls made their way to the show earlier today. David Letterman got an influx of new fans tonight as Girls’ Generation made their network debut appearance on his show. The group rocked out to a new music arrangement and despite performing on a tiny stage, somehow got all their choreography in. It’s definitely new territory not just for them but for David Letterman as well. They are due back on air for their performance tomorrow on with Live! With Kelly!

[update] And here’s the Live! with Kelly clip. Keep in mind that these are fan uploads and could be taken down at any moment. We’ll update with the official clips once/if they become available.

Official Live! with Kelly Clip
[vodpod id=Video.16034857&w=600&h=397&]

Jessica Sanchez Removes Youtube Videos; Rumored to be in Top 24 of American Idol

Earlier this month, we reported that Jessica Sanchez was rumored to be in the top 42 of this year’s American Idol. Well the latest speculation has her listed as advancing to the top 24 – meaning she’ll be likely getting some TV performance time provided the format of the show doesn’t change. Adding fire to the rumor mill is the fact that her Youtube page is now completely empty – with all the videos having been deleted or made private. How will the young singer fare among this year’s competition? We can’t wait to find out.

[vodpod id=Video.16030264&w=600&h=518&]