The Adele Youtube Covers Round-Up – 2/13/12

Last night, Adele walked away from the Grammys a multi-category winner, and for good reason since she’s had a huge year and brought soulful music back to the forefront. And our artists have recognized that quality about her too, which explains why we’ve had countless covers of the singer and her numerous hits, both old and new. Today we bring you 9 more covers, just in case you haven’t had your fill of Adele yet.

Esna x Minseung – “Rolling in the Deep”

Inch Chua - “Rumour Has It”

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Check Out Legaci’s Performance Video for “All Day”

Towards the end of 2011, Legaci finally released a new single they could call all their own, stepping away for just a moment from the covers that opened so many doors for them. “All Day” is a Pop/R&B tune that (in my opinion) doesn’t quite do the group justice in showcasing their talents, but it’s an enjoyable, easy listen. So in continuation of the single’s promotions, they’ve released their performance video from MYX-Rated in the form of an in-studio live exhibition.

Listen to “Weightless” by Paul Dateh

If you’re in the mood for something soothing and relaxing, check out this new instrumental piece by Paul Dateh. He sets it to some footage he shot of various jellyfish and sea creatures wandering through their acquatic space, making the song “Weightless” all the more appropriate. You didn’t think Paul could only do the violin did you?

I recently celebrated my birthday with a trip to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. I enjoyed all of the exhibits, but I was especially captivated by the jellyfish. I spent about 30 minutes watching these brainless, heartless creatures gracefully float around in their tanks. I took some video of them to share with you.

Jargon x Gamble Collab for the “Be Cool” MV

While in Toronto, Jargon & Gamble shot a quick music video for their track “Be Cool”, with some help from J. Reyez & Tommy C behind the scenes (they had to keep everything in the family). It’s more of a Hip-Hop street video than a full-blown production, with everything shot literally on a street corner. If you’re feeling the track go ahead and add it to your playlist as it’s a free DL, here.

Adam WarRock Releases ‘You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?’

It’s finally here, the new full-length album from Adam WarRock – You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?. The project includes his single “616” along with 12 or 14 others depending on where you decide to procure the LP. The most complete version can be found on Bandcamp, where physical copies are also available. Otherwise you can also defer to the slightly shorter versions from the usual digital distributors. Now, my only question is, can we get a music video from the comic book Hip-Hop MC?

Purchase: Bandcamp (digital + physical), AmazonMP3, iTunes

Showdown:J-Ricz x Sizzle vs D-Pryde & Friends vs J-Reyez x Tommy C & Friends

It’s time for a  Showdown, where we have a little friendly comparison of artists that cover/remix the same songs and then vote for the one we think pulled it off better.

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s “Young, Wild & Free” (featuring Bruno Mars) has been a pretty popular song on the radio the past few months – and it’s easy to see why with it’s catchy melody, easy hook and laid back raps. So we can’t say we’re too surprised to see a few remixes up on Youtube – making the song perfect candidate for our Showdown feature. What makes these remix/covers particularly interesting is that due to the nature of Youtube and copyright/licensing issues, each of the artists had the beat re-created to avoid being flagged on the flagship video streaming site; adding just an extra dashs of creativity and helping to keep each version distinct from the other.

J-Ricz x Sizzle

D-Pryde x Boogz Boogetz x Peter Kirk

J. Reyez x Tommy C x Tycoon x Hangman

So which group of artists had your flavor du jour? J-Ricz & Sizzle? D-Pryde & company? J. Reyez, Tommy C, and all the extra cameos? Don’t forget, you have so much power in your hands right now. Your vote will determine…. well, it only really determines who has the highest number of votes with no true qualitative value, but who cares! That’s what being Young, Wild & Free is all about right? Voting in a meaningless poll? Hello?… You still there?

David Choi & Traphik Star in Valentine’s Day Comedy Sketch

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but if you don’t have plans, no worries, here’s a little something to help laugh it off. David Choi & Traphik teamed up with Skunk Juice & Shane Yoon for a little V-Day related comedy sketch. Nothing heavy handed here, just silly fun starring two humorous artists. Just be careful not to listen/watch it too many times – you’ll see what I mean.

“Wow. Sneaky Russians”