The Non-Top-40 Youtube Cover Round-Up – 3/4/12

We decided to switch things up a little bit, and only share songs that aren’t exactly radio chart toppers. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to hear any of these songs on the radio (even when they first debuted). Now just because these songs weren’t spun on national airwaves doesn’t mean they should be ignored. They just didn’t have the marketing push to get them up on that national level or were sungs by niche, independent artists themselves. The only semi-exception is the medley that Jeremy Passion sings of songs by popular artists that were never promoted.

Jenny Suk Covers “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye (MPhazes Remix)

Jeremy Passion Sings a Medley

Esther Lee Covers “Lua” by Bright Eyes

Dia Frampton Covers “Oh My Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams

Lily Bee Covers “Unattainable” by LittleJoy

Inch Chua Covers “Spark” by The Bird & The Bee

Hopie Spitshard Remixes “Disconnected” by RJD2

  • sis

    actually the goyte song is all over the alt rock stations. just saying


      perhaps, but even the mphazes remix too?

  • beatingupkardashians

    Hey! I’ve just done some covers and my favorite one is of a great song by the Black Keys called “Lonely Boy”. Please please please check it out and post it (but only if you like it! haha) So give it a chance. Every best wish,