Passport: Emi Meyer Releases MV – “On the Road” in Japan

At the end of last year, we heard a new Emi Meyer tune called “On the Road” in a Toyota Prius ad in Japan. That song was later announced to be a part of the Japanese release of her latest EP/mini-album, LOL, as a bonus track. You can new catch the full music video, which is basically an extended version of the TV spot. It’s an upbeat, catchy tune – too bad we likely won’t see this song promoted stateside.

directed by Takuro Ishizaka
stylist: Kenichi Yoshida
hair & makeup: Rimi Ura

Emi Meyer, Motoki Yamaguchi, Seiichi Nagai
cameo appearance by: Mimi (puppy)

Emi Meyer: vocals
Akio Izutsu: bass, drums & all keyboards
Nobuyasu Horikoshi: electric guitar

produced by Hidefumi Watanabe
recorded, engineered and mixed by Masateru Sakaeda at Criket studio, Tokyo, Japan

special thanks to: Akinori Yokosawa & Michiko Murakami (Delta), Jun’ichi Ejima (KORG), Hiromi Kadoguchi (Modern Times Kyoto), Mimi

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