Watch Jessica Sanchez’s Performance from Tonight’s American Idol – Top 7

OK. If you’re not on the Jessica Sanchez bandwagon by now, then this performance just may change your mind. Jessica Sanchez attempted to tackle Jazmin Sullivan’s “Stuttering” – and did so with flying colors. R&B is definitely right lane for this young star – and we’d be completely surprised to see her not make it through another week. She got rave reviews from the panel all the way around! Team Jessica Sanchez.

Source: MJBB

Kina Grannis’ “World in Front of Me” Featured in Google+ Ad

Kina Grannis has found her voice as the soundtrack to the latest Google+ ad, showcasing their new re-design that launched today. The song in question is “World in Front of Me” from her album Stairwells, and serves as the backdrop to the video for burgeoning social network. In our humble opinion, Google couldn’t have picked a better artist for the campaign.

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Aziatix Teases with “299.792.458″

The Aziatix crew has posted up a preview/teaser video for their upcoming single “299.792.458″. The drop date looks to be one week from today, the 17th, and we’ve seen differing reports as to whether this will be part of another mini-album/EP as well. Cryptic name and release aside, just know that you have new AX material to look forward to in just a week’s time.

[Update - 299,792,458 meters per second is the Speed of Light, which is the title of their single]

Kato Presents a Q&A Session

With the new SMKA addition, Kato, readying the release of A Kato Production for April 26th, he’s put together a little Q&A interview session to help you get acquainted with him and his work. There’s a mixture of inconsequential questions and more in-depth, comprehensive inquiries. The only thing I’m left wondering is what was the lighting situation like that warranted the shades indoors?

The Youtube Cover Collabs Round-Up 4/11/12

Collaboration is the word of the day, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the following Youtube covers. From the large acapella offering by AJ Rafael & Friends to the more low-key duo of all the other tracks, each video features at least one of our artists in conjunction with some peers. Everything from Lauryn Hill to Trey Songz to Katy Perry is here, so if you have a few minutes to kill, enjoy!

AJ Rafael & Friends Remix “Doo Wop (That Thing)” (Acapella) by Lauryn Hill

Jeff Bernat x Jeremy Passion Cover “Gotta Go” by Trey Songz

Maribelle Anes x Brandon Evans Cover “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Kelly Clarkson x Jason Aldean

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Mike Whang of TNB & Daniel Chae of FNI Release ‘Chantry Flats’ Worship Album as 37th Place

The Nehemiah Band, Feats in Inches, & Monsters Calling Home are some of the many Southern California acts that run in the same circles, often swapping members between them and creating various side projects. 37th Place is yet the latest example, with Mike Whang of TNB & Daniel Chae of Feats coming together and releasing a worship album called Chantry Flats. It’s currently available on Bandcamp but will be up on other digital distributors very soon. Check out this short, 6 track offering from the two very talented artists.

Chantry Flats is the starting grounds to several historic hiking trails along the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California’s Angeles National Park. It’s also Mike Whang’s go-to spot for crying out to God.

Crooked Apples Presents the Crooked Mixtape by Misfit

Ryan Lee, better known to many as MC Misfit, has been talking about his Crooked Mixtape for months, but today is the day that it’s officially dropped. There are a mixture of remixes and original material on there, including “So Crooked“, “Opium Dreams“, “No Good” and more. It’s a pretty healthy sized release, weighing in at 17 tracks – a good thing for those wanting some new material from the West Coast MC. Download it for free, compliments of CA, here.