Jessica Sanchez Survives to Sing Another Week (Top 7 Redux)

After last week’s roller coaster of a night for our Jessica Sanchez, tonight’s results show offered a lot more peace and relaxation as Ms Sanchez did not even find herself in the bottom 3, with no risk of elimination. The young powerhouse vocal sails through to next week’s Top 6 on the strength of her performances, while Colton Dixon got the axe instead. Keep supporting her, everyone! The girl can definitely hold her own among all the competitors and let’s make sure she doesn’t have a premature exit. Head on over to MJBB for the full recap.

Emi Meyer Presents the “Still” MV

With Emi Meyer‘s album LOL fresh off it’s release, she’s striking while it’s still hot and has released the MV for the song “Still” featuring Albert Chiang. It’s a very simple MV but utilizes some clever editing and is a suitable visual for the jazz/pop single from the international singer/songwriter. Emi & Albert sound great together on the record and add just the right touch of melancholy. Check it out, below.

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Brooke Taylor Releases MV for “Can’t Get Over U”

“Can’t Get Over U” serves as the second single off R&B singer Brooke Taylor‘s December 2011 album, Live On Virtuous Energy. She’s dropped a music video to help promote the mid-tempo song about a lost love gone wrong – and though a bit limited in variety, it sets the tone for the song fairly enough. Expect to see more from Brooke this year, as she’s made the cut as a finalist for the 2012 Kollaboration competition.

Jane Lui Debuts Video for “Heaven on a Hill” (feat Paul Dateh & Danny Morledge)

Personally, I can’t get enough of Jane Lui and her music – and the fact that she’s not uploading some half-hearted cover video every week makes me appreciate her material all the more when something is released. “Heaven On a Hill” is a joint collaborative effort with Paul Dateh & Danny Morledge, and she’s also put together a video for the sweeping acoustic song. The trio make a great team, and this is a song worth checking out. Lyrics & BTS footage can be found after the break.

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Watch Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol Performances from the Top 7 Redux

After getting through last week’s elimination by the skin of her teeth, Jessica Sanchez returned to the AI stage this week in a rematch of the Top 7 contestants. Our young star sang “Fallin” and “Try a Little Tenderness”, and did so with aplomb once again – although as we learned last week, we can never be sure of the outcome, regardless of performance. Stay tuned with us for tonight’s results, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Just ‘Cause: See the Trailer to UPLOADED: The Asian American Movement

In July of last year, we shared with you a documentary that was in the works called Uploaded: The Asian American Movement. Now, all these months later, the film is complete and ready for it’s premiere at the Los Angeles Pan Asian Pacific Film Festival. You can now view the trailer, which gives us a look at all the interviews and the overlying focus of this film – a movement that is near and dear to our hearts at a-Tunes. Check out all the additional information after the break, and if you’re in LA, don’t miss the premiere on May 16th!

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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Nump Returns With New Single – “I’m Clean Prop 215″ ft YS & The Stooie Bros

454′s Nump has just dropped a new single, once again revisiting the subject of one of his favorite recreational past times, hanging out with a particular Ms Jane. The raggae influenced song is called “I’m Clean Prop 215” and features YS and the Stooie Bros as supporting acts. This is always a controversial topic for some more so than others, but if you’re interested in adding this song to your collection, it’s a free DL here.

Azuré Debuts MV for “Paper Planes” ft Alex Carbonel

Azuré has indicated that he has another mixtape under his belt called The Umbrella Theory (due 4/29) and it’s waiting on the back burner for it’s official release. But first, he’s giving us something on the visual front with the release of the “Paper Planes” MV, with Alex Carbonel as the sweet voice on the hook. Az has proven to have an eye for sharp video in the past, and this does a good job of showcasing the trademark California sunshine.

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