Adam WarRock Releases ‘The Kid’ EP

Adam WarRock’s rap topic du jour is based on the video game Bastion – a title he fell in love with when it was released last year. This collection of songs is called The Kid and has 7 tracks, all set to beats that sample from the soundtrack. Ya gotta love it when an artist can draw inspiration from any medium.  Download the album for free, here.

Bastion. Maybe one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. I’ve loved it ever since it dropped on XBLA in 2011, and I’ve been obsessed with its soundtrack for a while. Home from tour, I finally got around to making a little EP for you about the game, made on the beats from the phenomenal soundtrack.

Thank you to Darren Korb (for the beats), Jen Zee (for the art) and all the people at Supergiant Games for making an incredible game.

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Watch Andrew Huang “Destroy the World”

When watching the below video, don’t worry – you don’t need to adjust your monitor. It’s just another creative indulgence serving as a visual for Andrew Huang‘s “Destroy the World”. The song is off his Schism project from last November. This isn’t the first time I’ve said an A. Huang video is trippy, and I’m certain this won’t be the last.

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Erin Paula Releases “Do You Think About Me”

This single has been a long time coming. Erin Paula‘s “Do You Think About Me” seen a big delay, largely in part to some production issues and sample clearances but the song is finally here. Thankfully, we were able to hear a live version of the mid-tempo R&B jam via her performance for MYX TV. It’s been a number of years since her Rin on the Rox days, but we’re glad to see her making moves.

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Legaci Releases New Single – “Never Got Over You”

The R&B group, Legaci, has released a brand new single called “Never Got Over You”, their follow-up to “All Day.” The love-sick R&B single will likely be a part of their upcoming album, Driven. As of this writing, there was a hiccup and the song isn’t yet available on iTunes, but Amazon music customers can get the scoop and pick it up right away. We’ll be sure to update once it becomes available on the iTunes store. Good news, friends. The song is now available on iTunes for all you iOS folks!

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

Kero One Starts a Kickstarter Campagin for ‘Color Theory’

By now, I’m sure most of you know how the Kickstarted/IndieGoGo crowd-sourced fundraisers work. Kero One is the latest to start a campaign to help mitigate the costs of releasing his 4th independent studio album, Color Theory. The incentives include everything from a copy of the album to a personal performance at the venue of your choice. We encourage you to check out all the additional details over at Kickstarter.

Hey Everyone! Thanks for visiting my kickstarter page! I need your support to finish up my 4th studio album “Color Theory”.  I’m extremely excited about this album and it’s my biggest album project yet, running 14 tracks deep with features from all kinds of great singers, rappers, and musicians in general.  For the past decade, I’ve enjoyed having full creative freedom from self releasing my music and this release is no different – It’s just me and the music.

I plan to get this new album out in early July and I’ve already recorded, mixed, and completed the artwork for the project.  Now, I need to master (engineer) the album, manufacture it and if we exceed the goal, create a photobook for the album, and pay for a nice music video (or two).  I want this new album to take us to the next level! I’ve set a goal of $10,000 and if I don’t meet that goal, nothing gets funded.  Yeah, that would be wack.  So spread the word and this link!  You are the media!

And, thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Young Chariz Releases “In Ya Mouth” Ft Iamsu!

Young Chariz has a new project due soon called True Story. One of the songs presumably off of it is the newly released “In Ya Mouth”, featuring Iamsu!. It’s straight forward-borderline-pedestrian song about sex. If ya like your rap with a little bit of raunchiness over a materialistic yet catchy beat, then you may be interested in this one.

FM Presents the Sidney Samson Remix of “Dirty Bass”

The Far East Movement have given Sidney Samson the reigns to switch up another one of their songs. This time, it’s the title track to their upcoming album Dirty Bass. It’s more electronica heavy than ever, with the vocals from FM used more as sound effects rather than full verses. Go ahead and blast this song and fist pump, I’m sure you want to.

Bambu Features on Otayo Dubb’s “A Lil More” MV

Here’s some Hip-Hop music from the other side of the country – the West Coast. Bambu has a guest spot on a new Otayo Dubb song called “A Lil More”, off OD’s Cold Piece of Work. The Beatrock family collaboration is a dope upbeat track with a similar video to match. There’s something about organ sounds and Hip-Hop that seems to always work. You can DL the Maxi version of the single for free, here.

Video by Northbound Films
Director: Jordan Ching
Director of photography: Lorenzo Escalante
Cinematographer: Jerome Palencia
Assistant Director: Sharonda Grant
Actors: Angela Smead and Charles Brinton
Shot at John Colins in San Francisco

Belly Out’s Jshep x C-Note x Ctru Release “Beautiful Life”

The same fellas that comprise the Belly Out Squad’s side project, Visual Audio (C-Note & JShep), have released another new collaborative joint with Ctru. It’s called “Beautiful Life” and is a laid-back, Summer appropriate song that you can add to your playlist for free. Between Belly & Super, it’s good to see the Northern Virginia Hip-Hop scene stay active on the regular now.

Kina Grannis Debuts MV for “Without Me”

Kina Grannis‘ latest visual is for the single “Without Me” off her Stairwells re-release from last year. She once again teams up with Ross Ching for the video, making the most of a simple idea and set and leveraging the greatest payoff. The Pop-Rock track does well to highlight the lyrics in Kina’s passionate song and serves as another strong entry into her portfolio.

Director: Ross Ching
Executive Producers: JP McMahon and Tristan Drew
Producer: Don Le
Director of Photography: Nate Fu
Camera Operator: Martin Gradek
Assistant Camera: George Tsai
Gaffer: Paolo Ongkeko
Art Director: Melody Gulick
Hair & Makeup: Tina Ong
Post-production: Mondial Creative
Editor: Kevin Bennett
Production Assistants: Justin Vancho, Cassie Widlak and Zac Frognowski
BTS Stills: Steven Lam

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