Jessica Sanchez Advances to the Top 4 of American Idol

Although the number of contestants is dwindling down, the competition is only heating up for Jessica Sanchez. The pressure is on, but thankfully American hasn’t turned their backs on Ms Sanchez yet, as she advances in this week’s competition, placing into the Top 4. If she can make it one more week, she’ll tie Jasmine Trias as the highest placing Asian American artist on the show in it’s 11 years. We’ll continue rooting for the pint-sized powerhouse – let’s just hope she stays in step with her competitors down this final stretch.

Source: MJBB

DFD Presents “COTDAMN”

DFD debuted a new Hip-Hop track today called “COTDAMN”. This particular song features some spacey production by LO-DEF. In addition, Dumb has also paired it with a little in-studio psuedo-MV while at Chalice Studios. It’s a no-frills, clean simple watch as he paces the floor and spits his bars, and as a bit of fan service, the track is a free download - available here.

Bambu Debuts “When I Get to Minnesota”

Bambu has found himself on the billing for 2012′s Soundset (an annual Hip-Hop festival) in Minnesota at the end of month (the 27th). To mark the occasion, he’s dropped “When I Get to Minnesota” as a precursor to his appearance at the independent Hip-Hop musical event, along with 40 other artists. Mid-western rap fans would be remiss to skip this one!

Source: Soundset

In celebration of my opportunity to perform at this year’s Soundset, I decided to record a little something with the help of my ace homeboy, DJ Nphared. The song speaks loosely of some of the local issues in the Twin Cities’ innercity. The socioeconomic problems in the area, though not as publicized, mirror that of most urban landscapes: gang violence, unemployment rate increases, home foreclosure, etc.

So, I’ll see y’all at Soundset this year and I promise to try and throw down… When I Get To Minnesota.

Kaile Goh Returns with “Let You Live”

With Kaile Goh and her band hard at work on new material, they decided to give a preview of one of the tracks – “Let You Live”. This isn’t quite as upbeat as her last single, “Gold“, but it isn’t too far a stretch from the Pop-Punk lane she’s carved for herself thus far. Let’s hope additional new material isn’t too far off into the future.

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Re-Watch Jessica Sanchez’s Performances from Top 5 Week on American Idol

Wow, we’re already at the Top 5 for the 11th season of American Idol. Jessica Sanchez and her fellow contestants once again had the opportunity to sing two songs, from the 60′s and of Brit-Pop nature. Unfortunately, critical reception seems to be a bit middling, with Jessica accused of taking the safe, dull route and not making bold enough choices to stand out. We’ll find out in just under 12 hours what the results will be for this week, but here’s to hoping that the chosen one the judges saved just a few weeks ago isn’t on the chopping block once again.

“Proud Mary” by Ike and Tina Turner
[vodpod id=Video.16461812&w=560&h=315&fv=]

“You are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker
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Blush Interviewed By & Performs for John Chattman

The girls of Blush have a new interview out with John Chattman (and was featured on Huffington Post, no less). They sat down for a few minutes and talked about their general history and plans for world musical domination (singles, videos, EPs, oh my!). As a bonus, you can hear a little acapella rendition of their debut single, “Undivided“. Hardcore fans probably won’t find much new information here, but it’s a decent intro for the uninitiated.

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The Videoless Youtube Remixes Round-Up 5/3/12

We did it before, a couple months back; bringing you a collection of remixes done by artists that chose to forgo creating a video too. Instead we get a mixture of static images, cover art, and if we’re lucky, a slide show of some type. This has been a staple of the digital age for Hip-Hop artists, as it’s too time consuming to make a video for all their mixtape-ready songs – whether or not you feel they are cutting corners is a completely different story. At the very least you can listen to the following in the background, knowing your not missing much by not paying attention to the (lack of) visuals!

Misfit Remixes “Sail” by Awol Nation

Ed-Two Remixes “The Recipe” by Kendrick Lamar x Dr. Dre

Thai Remixes “Donald Trump” by Mac Miller

J-ricz x Sizzle Remix “Live My Life” by Far East Movement x Justin Bieber

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