Listen to Previews of Jennifer Chung’s Upcoming ‘That’s Why’ Mixtape

Ok, Ok , Ok. It looks like we’re finally getting close enough to the release of Jennifer Chung‘s mixtape. Saturday, May 12th, you’ll be able to download That’s Why for free from her vibedeck page. The project is produced by Smash Hitta and has some guest features by Maribelle Anes and Toestah. The clip below allows you to check out short clips of some of the songs, so what are you waiting for? I’m excited, but I’m admittedly a big J. Chung fan.

Jessica Sanchez Advances to the Top 3 of American Idol

Aaaaaaand it’s official. Jessica Sanchez has officially tied Jasmine Trias for placing the furthest as an Asian-American in American Idol thus far. Of course, Jessica still has a chance to break that milestone and just may be able to take the whole shebang. Tonight, she was declared in the top 3 of this week’s 4 remaining contestants, as Hollie departed from the show. Let’s all rally behind Ms Sanchez, not just because of her heritage, but because her talent deserves it. Let’s make J. Sanchez our next American Idol!

See the “Want You Back” MV by Joanlee

It would seem that Joanlee is not content until a visual is released for nearly every song from his (nearly year old) Under the Radar mixtape. The most recent entry is “Want You Back”. This is, of course, another SmashHitta production, who has quickly made himself the go to guy for R&B & Pop tracks in the past couple of years. The video is stronger than the song itself, but feel free to disagree with me on that one.

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‘The Undivided EP’ by Blush is Now Available

Today is May 10th, 2012. That means Blush‘s debut EP, Undivided, is now available for purchase (as we reported). This is their first formal collection of singles as a group, and features some of their past work, such as “Undivided”, “All Stars”, and “Dance On”. So go ahead and get your Blush on. We aim to have a review of the EP up in the not too distant future.

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

1. Undivided feat. Snoop Dogg
2. All Stars
3. Warrior
4. Sweetly Leave Me
5. Together We’re Greater
6. Dance On (Wawa Remix)
7. Dance On (Razor ‘N Guido Remix)
8. Undivided (Dave Aude Remix)
9. Undivided (Morgan Page Remix)

Lil Crazed x Erika David Debut MV for “Just My Type”

In the imaginary wold of photogenic star couples, I imagine Lil Crazed & Erika David could rank near the top. The two play as each others love interests in the song “Just My Type”, from the KiD’s Chapter 3: Liberation – The Lost Tracks. It’s a simple, clean MV for an easy going Pop Rap song. Reminds me of my days in Middle & High School, oh so long ago, when I would hang out at the mall with my friends.

Chosen Reveals the “Purpose of Life” MV

The Chosen One has released the music video to a track called the “Purpose of Life”, that mixes in English rhymes with a sampled Vietnamese hook. The semi-autobiographical track is a pretty good mix of music and culture, especially when coupled with the MV. Although having a mic in the middle of a field does look a bit silly. Lyrics? After the break, of course.

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Tousher Previews “Hero Tonight”

The young artist known as Tousher has released a short teaser to a new Pop/R&B tune called “Hero Tonight”. This is reportedly from an upcoming mini-album that is currently slated for sometime before July. Sure, it’s radio friendly, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the final version to tell if it can hold up as an entire single.

Monsters Calling Home Releases Self-Titled EP

The ensemble project group known as Monsters Calling Home have released their self-titled EP. The six song project includes some of their previously released singles like “Growing Up” and the self-referencing “Monsters Calling Home”. They are easily one of the more interesting new comers to the scene, and since the majority of them all come from other musical acts, the blending of talent and chemistry has thus far proven a winning strategy. Pick up the EP from your favorite digital retailer, below.

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

  1. Growing Up
  2. Monsters Calling Home
  3. Mr. Brightside
  4. Rain
  5. Goodnight Moon
  6. Fight to Keep