Alexander Spit x CBG Release a Exclusive Track Through Red Bull – “BNE”

Photo by Diane Abapo

If you want to hear about Alexander Spit‘s best night ever, than check out this Red Bull exclusive, “BNE”. A-Spit drives the track with the Chill Black Guys riding shotgun. The prototypical California MC will be dropping an EP via the Decon label in the (hopefully) near future. Download the song, here.

Alexander Spit, the Los Angeles-via-San Francisco rapper/producer, hints at the direction of his forthcoming EP (on the Decon label) with this free track/advance single, “BNE,” featuring Fairfax stalwarts Chill Black Guys. His last full-length, These Long Strange Nights, was an assertive iteration of the “shroom-bap” sound finding traction in the SoCal sprawl, and his new work seems to walk a similarly trippy path. We can’t wait.


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