AM Kidd Drops Video for “Deserve the Realest”

Kidd, AM has once again returned to promoting songs from his November ’11 album, Eleven. This cut is called “Deserve the Realest” and features a black and white video to keep it simple and in tune with the laid back music. It is an enjoyable listen but I think more than anything else, I’m just glad to see him move away from his key-hop (patent pending) on-camera performance videos.

Krissy Villongco Sings “Gone Away”

Krissy Villongco (of sisterly Krissy & Ericka fame) posted up a new song simply titled, “Gone Away”. She uses her trademark light and sweet voice to sing this acoustic ballad. You can listen and watch the video below, it’s definitely a recommended listen for a calm summer evening.

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Jason Chen Reveals New MV – “No Distance”

“No Distance” is the latest song off the 2011 Gravity LP, by Jason Chen, to be given a music video. To sweeten the pot, he had the opportunity to shoot it while in Italy, which makes for some gorgeous on-scene locations. Not bad for a kid who got big for doing Pop covers on Youtube! miniachilles has come a long way, huh?

New Video Interview of Blush with SoundSpike

Although this is more press-kit material than an in-depth interview, it’s still a fun watch of the girls from Blush. The ladies spoke with SoundSpike on some of their work thus far including their accomplishments in their relatively short but eventful career. All of this is coupled with some behind the scenes footage as they met with their vocal coach.

Ruby Ibarra x Kris Payne Present “Where They Go”

Although Ruby Ibarra has often been heard reciting spoken word and conscious raps, that doesn’t mean she can’t jump on a fierce track and kill it. On “Where They Go”, she teams up with battle rapper Kris Payne for a hard-hitting song and video. Quite impressive, Ms Ibarra. If you like what you see and hear, download the song as a freebie.

Jessica Sanchez Reportedly Signs With Interscope!

File this under not-quite-official, but a little birdie (twitter) has revealed that Jessica Sanchez is signed to Interscope through a reply to a fan asking about her label status. If this is true, it’s huge news and an awesome milestone for the American Idol runner-up. It was only a matter of time before she was scooped up with a voice like that. We’re awaiting the official announcement, so let’s hope everything goes through and we get to celebrate for certain!

Source: MJBB

New Leak From Thai – “From Where I Began” (Ft. Steve Knight)

Here’s the title track from Thai‘s soon-to-be-released street album From Where I Began. It’s a chill, laid-back song that is heavily influenced by 2Pac’s “Unconditional Love” and “Better Dayz” – not a bad source of inspiration if you ask me. He forgoes his trademark high-energy flow for something a little more subdued and introspective. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks from the artist.

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Watch the Last Episode of Wong Fu’s ‘Away We Happened’ Starring Victor Kim, Music by David Choi & Paul Dateh

Here we go! It’s the last episode of ‘Away We Happened‘, the extended AT&T commercial mini-series by Wong Fu Productions starring Quest Crew’s Victor Kim (and Jen FrmHeadToToe). Paul Dateh once again provides the musical score along with soundtrack contributions by David Choi. After watching the entire series, I definitely think the supporting cast stole the show.

THANK YOU for making Away We Happened such a huge success for us. It was such a challenge to go out and make each new episode every week, but we can’t believe we made it through the 6 weeks. We’re glad to see such an amazing response to the series, wanting longer and more episodes, so you can be sure that this won’t be the last time you see a drama series from Wong Fu Productions. Until then, we’ve got LOTS of new and exciting projects coming your way, so subscribe, follow, like below and join us for the ride!

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Traphik & Dyme-A-Duzin Drop the MV for “Fly Young Gentleman” (Directed by Todd Angkasuwan)

It sure took a while to get here, but the music video for “Fly Young Gentleman” by Traphik & Dyme-A-Duzin has finally been released. The visual is directed by Todd Angkasuwan, and it shows in the final result. It’s a polished video with entertaining effects and use of a green screen. For those interested, the song is available from Traphik’s Cruise Control mixtape.

Check Out a Performance of “I Wonder” by Gowe x Erin Kim

Gowe has recorded a couple versions of his biographical song regarding his Mother and adopted upbringing, ” I Wonder”. The version that was included on his debut album, We Are Hypergiants, featured Erin Kim and that’s who joined him on stage during his release party with the performance of the track. Sound is a bit of a mixed bag but it’s pretty cool to witness the two sharing the stage for Gowe’s deeply personal tune.