Yongie Phresh x JL Collab on “Doin My Thing”

Philly’s Yongie Phresh will be dropping a mixtape called Phreshman and has teamed up with Virginia’s JL for a collaborative joitn called “Doin My Thing”. YP’s off-centre, playful flow coupled with JL‘s no-nonsense, machine-gun like flow make for a decent odd-couple like pairing. The best news of all? It’s a free DL from bandcamp!

Us Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

The husband-wife duo of Michael Alvarado & Carissa Rae have released their debut album as Us. The 10 track project includes their infectious single, “Never Gonna Leave You”, and is now available for purchase from a number of retailers in both digital and physical formats. Fans of the artists as individuals should be particularly interested to see how they fare as a single entity over the course of an entire album.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, BigCartel, iTunes

1. Never Gonna Leave You
2. Before We Go
3. Close to You
4. Fall Asleep
5. Girl in L.A.
6. Missin’ You Like Crazy
7. I Will Wait For You
8. Make You Love Me
9. Near or Far
10. Take Me Home

Ming & Ping Release ‘The Darkness of Night’ EP

It’s been some time since we last heard from brothers Ming & Ping, but the pair have just taken the veil off their new EP, The Darkness of Night. Fans of their particular, eccentric brand of electro-synth Pop may be interested in checking out this 7-track release. Stylistically, it’s a throwback to the glory days of 80′s Technopop. Check below for the tracklisting.

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

Stream: Spotify

1. The Darkness of Night
2. Last Night’s Lights
3. City of Angels
4. Dream Within a Dream
5. White Lights (Ft. Bao Vo)
6. Someone Else
7. Chinatown (Ft. Mariqueen Maandig Reznor)

Meeghan Henry Talks About Working with Producer Drew Lane

In this brief interview clip, young Meeghan Henry discusses her upcoming projects with established producer, Drew Lane. They get to talking about their current working relationship and how and why they are in collaboration together. Hopefully this is a sign of big things for Meeghan, and I suppose we’ll see how it all pans out in due time.