The Jubilee Project Release a Short Film on Sex Trafficking with Megan Lee – ‘Back to Innocence’

The folks behind The Jubilee Project have always been about making the world better. Their latest video endeavor tackles a dark and despicable but wide-spread global problem – sex trafficking, especially of minors. Back to Innocence features Megan Lee in the heartbreaking lead role, as they shed light on the horrific and oft ignored subject. Find out more about the video and it’s cause here, as well as after the break.

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Oak & Gorski Reveal Details About the ‘Sounds Like Love’ EP

Oak & Gorski have take the veil of some details concerning their upcoming EP, Sounds Like Love. Along with the obvious title track (and it’s acoustic alternate), we’ll get “Find Me Soon” and “The LA River”. Above you’ll find the recently shared artwork to the EP. No worries, we’ll keep you in on the loop once the album drops!

1. Sounds Like Love
2. Find Me Soon
3. The LA River
4. Sounds Like Love (acoustic version)

Dumbfoundead x Dynamic Duo x Kero One Collab on “Loves Gonna Getcha”

Now this is the kind of things we love reporting on. With their paths recently crossing in Los Angeles, Dumbfoundead and Kero One made sure to link up with K-HipHop group, Dynamic Duo; and the result is “Loves Gonna Getcha”. I’m nearly always a fan when music crosses national borders and bridges the gap (even though we are talking Korean to Korean-Americans in this case). You can check out the smooth, laid back, bi-lingual track below and if you like it as much as I do, then heck, DL the track for free here!

Andrew Huang Previews New Video with Side Pony Nation – #MaBicyclette

OK, I honestly have no clue what to expect for this one. Andrew Huang and the ladies of Side Pony Nation have joined forces for an upcoming music video called #MaBicyclette; directed by Corey Vidal. Few other details were given but just know that when it drops, we’ll be sure to share it with you – stay tuned.

Linkin Park Releases ‘Living Things’

I’m always a little on the fence about whether or not to share news about Linkin Park. While they are clearly big enough of a band that any exposure on our humble little blog is negligible, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’d be doing a disservice by not shouting out the release of Living Things on behalf of Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, and company. This is their 5th studio album and contains their lead single, “Burn It Down”. The album should be available… pretty much everywhere, so check it out if you get a chance!

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

Melissa Polinar Debuts New Single – Feels Like Home

Ms Melissa Polinar has officially released “Feels Like Home” as a single for your listening pleasure. We first heard this song last fall, when she posted up a webcam performance of the nostalgia-tinged track. The song can be purchased and streamed from the standard digital channels. Be sure to support the singer/songwriter if you’re feeling the joint!

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

Learn About the Birth of AMP

As part of their EPK (Electronic Press Kit), AMP has shared their origins and the story of how they came together as a group and how they were formed as individuals. It’s equal part promotional interview and testimony. For those that ever wished to know the fellas of James Han, Sam Ock, and Chung, they should check out this video. Fans both seasoned and new will likely appreciate this one.