Dia Frampton Featured in Rolling Stone’s “Women Who Rock”

The classic music publication Rolling Stone partnered with Garnier Fructis to present a short list of women who rock from today’s musical landscape. It’s a blending exhibition on each artists inspiration, style and personality in a snapshot of who and where they are today. The beautiful and talented Voice Season 1 runner-up, Dia Frampton, is one of the several women featured, and deservedly so. Watch the video over at Rolling Stone.

Excuse the fanboyism for a second and let me ask you… is it just me or does she look incredible in the video clip?

Lily Bee to Release Sophomore Album – Age of Exploration – in 3 Days!

The last day of June is nearly upon us. The 30th of the 6th month of 2012 will bring us the sophomore album from Ms Lilian Bui, aka Lily Bee. It’s entitled Age of Exploration and the above image serves as the adorable cover art. Those curious about the actual tracklisting may want to head on over to Amazon, who have already posted up the titles of the song set – many of which we’ve heard before (in demo form).

Andrew Huang & Side Pony Nation Present the MV for “My Bicyclette”

Well that certainly didn’t take long. We told you it was coming only yesterday, but Andrew Huang and the female duo known as Side Pony Nation just released the video to their bicycle inspired song, “My Bicyclette”. There was no way to fully anticipate what this would bring, yet it’s everything I thought it would be. Quite the paradox. Only, now I feel like dusting off the ol’ Huffy.

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New Music From D-League – “Don’t Ya Love That” and “Have Fun”

The Floridian duo known as D-League are back on their grind with some new tunes, “Don’t Ya Love” and “Have Fun”. Both are appropriate for the beginning Summer, with laid-back tracks for your seasonal enjoyment. It’s been encouraging to see these artists really grow into their own skin over the past couple years. The latter in particular is appropriate for the time of year, though the cover art is a bit NSFW. You can find both songs directly below, after the break.

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Passport: Priscilla Ahn Debuts Album in Japan – ‘Natural Colors’

As promised, Priscilla Ahn‘s new Japanese album Natural Colors has released overseas, and includes 12 tracks (with the aforementioned translated tunes of “Dream” and “Song of Hope”). The other 10 songs are covers of Japanese songs, now sung in the key of Ahn. I’d be lying if I told you I could read the tracklist below, but perhaps those more familiar with the language can lend a hand in translating.

Purchase: Amazon (Japan), iTunes (Japan)

1 デイドリーム・ビリーバー
2 風の谷のナウシカ
3 サヨナラCOLOR (English version)
4 ばらの花
5 ノルウェーの森
6 やさしさに包まれたなら
7 帰れない二人
8 哀しみのアダージョ
9 風をあつめて
10 希望の歌 (日本語詞付)
11 ドリーム (日本語詞付)
12 サヨナラCOLOR

English Translated Tracklist (thanks to one of our awesome readers):

1. Daydream Dreamer
2. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
3. Sayonara COLOR (English Version)
4. Roses
5. Forests of Norway
6. If I’m Wrapped in Kindness
7. Two Can’t Go Back Home
8. Adagio of Sorrow
9. Gather the Wind
10. Song of Hope (Japanese Lyrics)
11. Dream (Japanese Lyrics)
12. Sayonara COLOR

Jessica Sanchez To Guest Star on Glee?

First Charice paved the way as Sunshine Corazon in her multi-episode guest appearances on Glee, and now Jessica Sanchez may be getting her chance to star in the hit FOX musical series. Bear in mind, nothing is finalized but it has been reported that she’s being considered for a possible mid-season appearance. The girl can sing, we all know that from her 2nd Place finish in this year’s American Idol, but now we may get to see how she fares in a musical sitcom environment. My guess? She’ll do just fine.

Source: AAM via TV|Line

Snapshot: The Mountain Brothers Reunited

Peril-L, Chops, Style Infinite

Allow me to be perfectly honest for one moment. If the above image doesn’t get you hyped up, there’s a very good chance you are perusing the wrong ethnic focused music blog. Two words: Mountain Brothers. The photo above makes perfect sense considering we have new music coming from the recently reunited trio along the way. And now, more than ever, am I excited to hear what they have in store for us.

From Chops’ Tumblr:

mountain brothers. peril-l now goes by @teapotd0me. @stylesinfinite with the Vincent Chin t-shirt. photo by @ChrisChanLee

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