Triangle Offense’s “Pwol” Drops the Video for “Just Love”

Representing the last third of the trifecta known as Triangle Offense, Pwol picks up where Bry and Sci leave off with his solo MV, “Just Love”. This is the last of the singular promotional music videos for the impending release of The First Love. The song uses the instrumental from “Islands” by The xx. You can DL the track for free, here.

Verse 1: See I met her September October came, then November I wrote a way to her dossier and I hope to wake Where you end up I tend to Pretend to Not fall in love like I’m meant to Cause I’ve kept a guard And I’ve built a wall That fall apart when you enter Damn

The xx: I don’t have to leave anymore What I have is right here Spend my nights and days before Searching the world for what’s right here Underneath and unexplored Islands and cities I have looked Here I saw Something I couldn’t over look

::CHORUS:: I am yours now So now I don’t ever have to leave I’ve been found out So now I’ll never explore

See what I’ve done…

Verse 2: So You ask of me and I answered No certainty of what’s after No guarantee of how it had to be And without a feeling “you have to” My anchor My failure Is no concern that would change her With no regard for what people say About what we have and what made us Two strangers An island On the southern coast My siren My only hope in this violence Yours is the only arms I would die in My savior A diamond In this unforgiving world I’m in My love My heart You are the confidence that I hide in

::CHORUS:: (2x)

Verse 3: I stand unaware Of how we made it here Of how we came to be Of how someone could be made for me Of How You claim to be With pride, bravery The only one capable of changing me Of saving me Of unchaining me From this slavery I call Me Where are you taking me? I wonder, somewhere off to sea On the beach of an island off the key To my heart A private property That once was mine Now yours to keep Love I say this faithfully … I am yours now

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