Watch the Video for Connie Lim’s “Fog Over Water”

Singer/songwriter Connie Lim sure has a sharp team behind her, and it’s all the more evident with the release of her music video to her latest single, “Fog Over Water“, which we first heard at the end of last month. The visual production values are incredibly crisp, and it portrays the surreal vibe of it’s setting so vividly. It’s amazing what an indie artist can accomplish now-a-days with the right folks backing them.

Video Credits
Director: Raul Gonzo
Executive Producer: Robby Starbuck
Producer: Amanda Curtis
Production Design: Dan Vallier
Production Manager: Tiffany Ireland
Light Direction: Dean Tokuno
Wardrobe: Felicia Martin
Hair: Bethany Rose
Makeup: Amy Thompson
Key Grip: Dylan Wright
First AC: Greg Haas
Head PA: Tiffany Ireland
PA: JJ Labritakis
PA: Joe Gonzalez
Playback: Jeremy Flynn

Song Credits
Music Production: Lee Miles
Drums: Max Macveety
Guitar: Rod Castro

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J. Reyez Shares the “Grateful” MV

J. Reyez has just unveiled the music video to the lead song off of his recently released Wake Up Call EP, “Grateful”. Just like it’s black and white visuals, JR keeps things clean and simple with this song – a strategy that I think suits the rapper best. It’s a fairly laid back track from the Canadian artist that I think many of you will enjoy.

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The Visual-less Covers Round-Up – 7/18/12

I think the time is ripe for another round-up, what say you? This one is another collection of video-less videos. They are clips thrown up on youtube with still images and/or cover art, and they are all remixes and covers of other people’s songs. This particular collection leans heavily towards the Hip-Hop variety, but there are a couple of non-rap songs thrown in there too.

Rooftop Pursuit Mashes Up “Glad You Came” & “What Makes You Beautiful” by The Wanted & One Direction

Tyga x Honey Cocaine Remix “I Am Your Leader” by Nicki Minaj

Adam WarRock Remixes “Action” by Oh No

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Jasmine Villegas Reveals New Single & MV – “Didn’t Mean It”

For Jasmine Villegas‘ latest single, the young adult chose to debut her song via MTV’s Buzzworthy. “Didn’t Mean It” is her dedication to a topic that hits close to home for her, domestic/relational abuse. Jasmine states that she had the misfortune of being in a tumultuous and abusive relationship, and this song  is meant to empower women who have been, or may still be in those shoes. You can read more over at MTV, and check out the MV below.

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

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Heather Park Shares an Unofficial MV for “Just Can’t Wait”

As a belated birthday gift, the following video was made for Heather Park, set to her song “Just Can’t Wait” from her 2010 album, Stay. The eagle eyed viewer might catch the cameos from Taiyo Na, Magnetic North, and Misnomer(s), among others. It’s a fun, heartwarming video by her friends, and a great reason for me to go back and revisit the two year old release.

Snapshot: Girls Generation in the Official South Korean Olympic Uniform

Girls Generation

The good folks at KoreAm tweeted the above picture of Girls Generation early today, and though it’s not exactly Asian-American music related, I thought it was relevant enough to post. After all, the fembots group did drop a Teddy Riley produced single in the states (though it failed to chart), and two of their members are from the US… so it’s not completely unrelated right? OK sure, the picture is from a South Korean publication, and yes, the ladies are in the official South Korean 2012 Olympic uniform… but hey, I don’t need to explain myself to you! There are 18 9 great reasons to post the picture as a Snapshot feature. And that’s that. Snoop agrees with me. It’s the cheerleader effect to the max.

Say Cheese!

Watch the Gamblerz Crew Session to FM’s “Dirty Bass”

Korea’s Gamblerz Crew is a well respected and intentionally successful Breakdancing troupe, and they’ve put together a little footage of the group showing off their power moves to Far East Movement‘s title song from their last album, Dirty Bass. Now if only we could have had an official MV with Gamblerz in it, similar to how LMFAO always features Quest Crew in their visuals.