Just ‘Cause: AJ Rafael Presents ‘Why I Make Music’

One of the things I respect about AJ Rafael is that he understands that music is bigger than what you hear through your headphones. He uses his gifts to bless others and make a difference in lives, whether it’s an individual or en masse. The following two clips are part of a feature he calls “Why I Make Music”. The first is about one of his fans who was dealing with terminal cancer before ultimately succumbing to the disease, but not before AJ was able to host a house concert in her honor. The second clip showcases his Red Roses Prom event, that was open to the public community for a positive night of entertainment (including a large number of friends!). The guy gets what it can be all about, and that’s awesome.

Why? Just ‘Cause.

i hope this video reminds you how precious life is, and that music can heal in so many ways. i’ll never forget you Zoe.

Special thanks to some of my best friends: Andrew Rhim, Jeremy Passion, Tori Kelly, Ryan Bandong, RB de Guzman, and Calum Kirk who joined me on stage. Thank you Tita Ria and Tito Randy for keeping me in the loop, and to my manager Christina Luna for being the messenger and keeping me updated as well.

A HUGE thank you to John Enriquez for capturing on film and editing these special moments to help us remember one of the most moving nights of our lives.

Zoe Inciong lost her battle with cancer on July 5th, 2012 after only 16 years and 5 days on Earth but won a place in heaven amongst God and His angels. We will miss you, Zoe.

another reason why i continue to do what i do: bringing people together. some of my best friends helped me work on this Prom, and we actually pulled it off. this video will help us relive this insanely fun night, the night of June 22nd, 2012.

featuring some of your favorite Internet celebrities and musicians.

read about it here: http://redrosesprom.tumblr.com

this was shot and edited by the awesome Andrew Rose – hit him up on twitter and let him know how beautiful this was! http://twitter.com/andrewrose_
check out his YouTube channel here: http://youtube.com/andrewrosepictures

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