Sophia KiddBeatz Appears on Much Music TV Network

Ya gotta love this. Young female beatboxer, Sophia KiddBeatz, was recently featured on Canada’s Much Music network (their MTV), where she was a guest judge for NML Battlez: Beatboxers. As part of the festivities, she was given a brief profile and interview, of which she uploaded and shared with the rest of the world. That’s what you’re seeing at the top of this post.

In early July, Sophia had the opportunity to be a judge on Much Music’s NML Battlez: Beatboxers (Canada’s most popular music network). This video is the bio they shot for the show. Get to know Sophia a little more on how she really got into beatboxing.

Special thanks to:
Much Music
Gary Goudini

Produced by: Jacqueline Peres
Directed by: Romeo Candido

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